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[P&P神力与神系] [P.026]桂伦·流风Gwaeron Windstrom

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[P.026]桂伦·流风Gwaeron Windstrom
桂伦·流风Gwaeron Windstrom
  (追踪大师[Masterof Tracking],林迹解读大师[Master Interpreter of Woodland Signs],追踪者[the Tracker],从未迷途的追踪者[the Tracker Who Never Goes Astray],梅丽凯之口[Mouth of Mielikki])

  主物质面半神力[Demipower of the Prime Material Plane],

  神职PORTFOLIO:追踪[Tracking],解读林迹[interpreting woodland signs],北地的游侠[rangers of the North]
  神域名DOMAIN NAME:托瑞尔/费伦[Toril/Faerûn]
  盟友ALLIES:阿尔伏林[Arvoreen],贝尔凡·野游者[Baervan Wildwanderer],拉芮[Lurue],费马罗·莫斯德林[Fenmarel Mestarine],梅丽凯[Mielikki],山达柯尔[Shaundakul],希阿莉亚[Shiallia],诺班尼恩[Nobanion],索罗诺尔·杉岚德瑞[Solonor Thelandira]
  徽记SYMBOL:一个暗红的“S”上,顶半部分覆盖着一个较小的白色五芒星,底半部分是一个较大的四趾动物棕色足迹[A dark red “S” overlaid with a small,five-pointed,white star on its top half and a large,four-clawed animal print in brown on its bottom half]
  信徒阵营WOR. ALIGN.:守序善良LG,中立善良NG,混乱善良CG
9846c834-a447-4f78-8060-160cbd349822.jpg 482e0fe9-7d94-4612-a5bc-9d0703d011b1.png 【右图出自《Faiths & Pantheons》】

  桂伦·流风[Gwaeron Windstrom](读作GWAIR-on WIND-strahm)是追踪技能与理解林迹技能的具现。在许多个世纪以前,桂伦还是一位漫游于北地[the North]的凡人游侠,在成功追踪、并猎杀了玛拉[Malar]的至少一个化身、以及紧接的几个显现后,桂伦在丛林女士[the Lady of Forests]的拔擢下,被擢升到了半神力等级。这一成就也为他赢来了野兽之主[the Beastlord]的永恒敌意,并在动荡之年[the Time of Troubles]期间、玛拉被诺班尼恩[Nobanion]击败后出现在北地时,引发了他们之间无休止的战斗。玛拉,野兽之主,在整个北地被桂伦无情地追击着,而不能摆脱追踪大师[the Master of Tracking]的追踪。
Gwaeron Windstrom (GWAIR-on WIND-strahm) embodies the skills of tracking and understanding woodland signs. Gwaeron roamed the North as a mortal ranger many centuries ago,and he was elevated to the ranks of demipowers by the sponsorship of the Lady of Forests after successfully stalking and slaying at least one avatar and several manifestations of Malar in quick succession. This accomplishment has earned him the undying enmity of the Beastlord and resulted in any unending battle between them that was continued during the Time of Troubles when Malar appeared in the North after his defeat by Nobanion. Malar,the Lord of Beasts,was relentlessly pursued throughout the North by Gwaeron and could not shake the Master of Tracking from his trail.

  桂伦一直与拉芮[Lurue]和希阿莉亚[Shiallia]一道侍奉着梅丽凯[Mielikki]。他在一些使命上为梅丽凯提供协助,教授她的游侠读懂林迹的方法。桂伦在费伦神力之中实属罕见地与精灵、侏儒和半身人神系中,那些神职与梅丽凯、西凡纳斯[Silvanus]以及他自己最紧密吻合的神祇缔造了同盟。他僻静、隐遁的风格令他能与费马罗·莫斯德林[Fenmarel Mestarine]相处地、甚至比费马罗与席德瑞恩诸神[the Seldarine]大部分成员之间更好。当梅丽凯向这些神系中的一员寻求帮助时,桂伦自然是她派遣信使。在北地的凡人中桂伦也以梅丽凯之口[the Mouth of Mielikki]的角色作为梅丽凯的代理主教活动。如果有直接宣讲的必要,他将代表她向凡人大众发言。
Gwaeron serves Mielikki along with Lurue and Shiallia. He aids Mielikki on some missions and teaches her rangers the way to read forest signs. Gwaeron is rare among the Faerûnian powers in that he has forged alliances with the deities of the elven,gnome,and halfling pantheons whose portfolios most closely match those of Mielikki,Silvanus,and his own. His quiet,reclusive demeanor allows he and Fenmarel Mestarine to get along better than Fenmarel does with most members of the Seldarine. When Mielikki has to ask a favor of a deity from one of these pantheons,Gwaeron is naturally the messenger she sends. Gwaeron also acts as Mielikki's intercessor with mortals in the North in his role as the Mouth of Mielikki. He speaks to most mortals on her behalf if direct speech is necessary.

  桂伦通常沉默寡言,每当他开口时,也总是句式简要、情感淡薄。追踪大师并不轻怒,但一旦被引爆,他的狂怒将是骇人的可怖。他全身心地憎恶巨魔[troll],并将他们视为玛拉的亲族和在这片土地上,一种就长远来看、无疑将扰乱一体至衡[the Balance]的凋萎病。除了在三猪地[Triboar]附近、至高森林[the High Forest]中以及科曼索[Cormanthor]内被定期发现外,桂伦已知也潜近于永恒荒野[the Evermoors]与北地其余地方来狩猎不朽者[the Undying Ones]。
Gwaeron is normally taciturn,and when he does speak,he speaks in terse sentences and with little visible emotion. The Master of Tracking is slow to anger,but,once ignited,his rage is a fearsome thing. He utterly loathes trolls and considers them the kin of Malar and a blight on the land that will inevitably upset the Balance in the long run. In addition to being regularly spotted near Triboar,in the High Forest,and in Cormanthor,Gwaeron is known to stalk the Evermoors and the rest of the North hunting the Undying Ones.

桂伦的化身Gwaeron's Avatar

  (游侠Ranger 25,德鲁伊Druid 14)

Gwaeron appears as a tall and physically impressive human male dressed in clothing suitable to walking in the wilds. He is always seen stripped to the waist and is massively muscled. His flowing white hair and long white beard whip around in the wind of his travel as he wind walks about. Gwaeron draws his spells from the all,animal,astral,charm,combat,creation,divination,elemental,healing,plant,protection,sun,travelers,and weather spheres. He also has minor access to the necromantic sphere.

  防御等级 -2;移动 15;生命值 192;零级命中值 -4;#攻击 5次/2轮(双手剑) 或 2次/1轮(复合长弓)
  伤害 1d10+14(+1双手剑,火焰之舌[flame tongue]*,+11力量,+2双手剑专精奖励) 或 1d8+16(+3复合长弓,束箭 或 杀戮箭[arrow of slaying],+11力量,+2复合长弓专精奖励)
  魔抗 55%;体型 中型M(6.5英尺) 或 大型L(10英尺)
  力量 23,敏捷 13,体质 23,智力 19,感知 21,魅力 17:
  法术 牧师P:9/9/9/7/4/2/1
  豁免 麻痹、毒素与死亡魔法 3;权杖、法杖与魔杖 5;石化或变形  4;喷吐武器 4;法术 6
  AC -2;MV 15;HP 192;THAC0 -4;#AT 5/2(two-handed sword) or 2/1(composite long bow)
  Dmg 1d10+14(two-handed sword +1,flame tongue*,+11 Str,+2 spec,bonus in two-handed sword) or ld8+16(composite long bow +3,sheaf arrow or arrow of slaying,+11 Str,+2 spec,bonus in composite long bow)
  MR 55%;SZ M(6½ feet) or L(10 feet)
  Str 23,Dhx 13,Con 23,Int 19,Wis 21,Cha 17
  Spells P:9/9/9/7/4/2/1
  Saves PPDM 3,RSW 5,PP 4,BW 4,Sp 6
    *Flameheart is +2 vs. regenerating creatures,+3 vs. cold-using,inflammable or avian creatures,and +4 vs.undead.

  特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Deft:桂伦专精于使用双手剑和复合长弓:实际上他被认为熟练所有其它武器。桂伦在北地潜行追踪时,通常挥舞着一柄被称作烈焰之心的巨型+1火焰之舌双手剑。他对巨魔的仇恨诠释了什么叫做宿敌。针对瓦普拉克[Vaprak]的后裔,桂伦在攻击和伤害骰上+4,而他的魔法刃如同所有火焰之舌武器,对巨魔具有额外伤害。
Special Att/Def:Gwaeron is specialized in the use of the two-handed sword and the composite long bow;he is considered proficient in all other weapons. Gwaeron is typically seen stalking the North wielding a massive two-handed sword +1 ,flame tongue called Flameheart. Gwaeron embodies the concept of a species enemy in his hatred of trolls. He is +4 to his attack and damage rolls against the spawn of Vaprak,and his magical blade does additional damage to trolls as well,like all flame tongues.

Gwaeron also carries a composite long bow +3 and a quiver of arrows of slaying and normal sheaf arrows on his back. Gwaeron's arrows of slaying affect sentient,mortal creatures who have ever desecrated a forest without atoning for their misdeeds,and his quiver seems to produce an inexhaustible supply of both arrows of slaying and normal sheaf arrows. Gwaeron occasionally give one such arrow of slaying to a ranger on a specific quest to protect a forest from a particular foe,but otherwise his arrows retain their enchantment only in his hands.

  桂伦的追踪能力如同感知属性25的40级游侠。他甚至能追踪飞行中、已传送或进入了另一个存在位面——诸如灵界[the Ethereal]或星界[the Astral Planes]的生物,而且,随意使用,他能尾随这个生物的踪迹位面转移[plane shift](仅自身)。不幸的是,那些传送到异界、飞行、或传送的踪迹会迅速冷却,甚至是他也不能追踪已超过一个月的这类踪迹。
Gwaeron tracks as a 40th-level ranger with a 25 Wisdom. He can even track creatures that are flying,that teleport,or that have entered another plane of existence,such as the Ethereal or the Astral Planes,and can plane shift (himself only) at will to follow the spoor of such creatures. Unfortunately,the trail of those who shift planes,fly,or teleport grows cold quickly,and even he cannot follow such a trail more than a month old.

  随意使用,桂伦能御风而行[wind walk]。除了他的正常行动外,每轮1次,如同18级法师,桂伦还能施展烈焰裹尸布[shroud of flame](如同《巫师之页Pages From the Mages》里的5级法师法术)。随意使用,他的触碰能以自然协同[natural attunement]灌注受术者。
Gwaeron can wind walk at will. He can cast shroud of flame (as the 5th-level wizard spell found in Pages From the Mages) once per round as an 18th-level wizard in additional to his normal actions. His touch can imbue a recipient with natural attunement at will.

Gwaeron is immune to any spell,ability,or spell-like effect that would cause him to become lost,and only divine forces can actively make him lose a trail once he acquires it.
e6ff7409-ed83-4216-95b6-90f9d3545e32.jpg 【图出自《Faiths & Pantheons》,左二】

其它显现Other Manifestation
  桂伦偶尔会显现为一团环绕着某处林迹的妖火[faerie fire]灵气,这林迹能在追踪某些存在或生物时提供模糊的线索。桂伦有时也展现为一只鹿、一头熊或一些其他林地生物。这位林迹解读大师[Master Interpreter of Woodland Signs]通常将这作为一种教学方法。在某位初学游侠发现了某处他并不熟悉的足迹不久后,桂伦便展现为相应的生物,而令这位游侠能得到启发。
Gwaeron occasionally manifests as a nimbus of faerie fire around a woodland sign that could serve as an obscure clue when trying to track some being or creature. Gwaeron also sometimes appears as a deer,a boar,or some other woodland creature. The Master Interpreter of Woodland Signs often does this as a means of instruction. Soon after a novice ranger discovers a spoor that he is unfamiliar with,Gwaeron appears as the corresponding creature,enabling the ranger to make the appropriate induction.

Another of Gwaeron's manifestations is as the print of a bare human foot with a faint impression of his symbol recognizable in the heel print. He may manifest in this fashion when a devout worshiper loses a trail. By looking in the direction indicated by the anomalous print,a ranger can often pick up the lost trail again. Occasionally Gwaeron manifests as a footprint a split second before a being steps in the depression. Beings so favored automatically receive the effects of a natural attunement spell.

  桂伦被种类众多、自然出没于森林的生物侍奉着。成群的草食动物在他的指挥下移动掩盖某道踪迹,而各种鸟儿,特别是乌鸦、鹊以及蓝色松鸦,能够前往遮掩迹象来从某个敌人那里隐藏他的某位追随者,或揭示迹象指示踪迹以令受眷者能轻易地追踪。妖精龙[Faerie dragon]和伪龙都是他宠爱的事物。
Gwaeron is served by a wide variety of naturally appearing forest creatures. Herds of herbivores move to obscure a trail at his command,and various birds,particularly crows,magpies,and blue jays,may move to obscure or reveal clues indicating a trail to disguise them from a foe of one of his followers or make them readily apparent to a favored tracker. Faerie dragons and pseudo-dragons are also favorites of his.

教会The Church
  神职阵营Clergy's Align.:守序善良LG,中立善良NG,混乱善良CG
  驱散不死Turn Undead:R:No
  呵斥不死Cmnd. Undead:R:No

  所有的梅丽凯游侠(包括那些宣誓为桂伦服务的)得到宗教知识(费伦)[religion (Faerûnian)]作为非武器熟练奖励。
All rangers of Mielikki (including those sworn to Gwaeron's service) receive religion (Faerûnian) as a bonus nonweapon proficiency.

  并没有一种与梅丽凯教会明确区分的有组织桂伦教派信仰。与之相反,桂伦受到北地追求解读林迹和前往追踪逃犯或野味的游侠和追踪者的尊敬。成员来自梅丽凯神职人员队伍的游侠组织寂静之道的追迹者团契[the Fellowship of Stalkers of the Silent Path],专侍着这位追踪大师。
There is not an organized Gwaeronan faith distinct from the church of Mielikki. Instead,Gwaeron is venerated by rangers and trackers of the North who seek to interpret woodland signs and to track outlaws or game. The Master of Tracking is served in particular by an order of rangers known as the Fellowship of Stalkers of the Silent Path who are drawn from the ranks of Mielikki's clergy.

  在北地,丛林女士的神殿与神龛,譬如建立在小村摩比瑞恩之盾[Mornbryn's Shield]中的神龛,通常也包含一座献给追踪大师的小神龛或侧祭坛。而供奉桂伦名讳的神龛,通常只是在某块单独巨石刻上桂伦徽记的简陋祭坛,它们主要分布在至高森林和科曼索内。
In the North,temples and shrines of the Lady of Forests,such as the shrine found in the hamlet of Mornbryn's Shield,often include a small shrine or side altar to the Master of Tracking within their confines. Shrines consecrated in Gwaeron's name are typically simple altars made of a single boulder inscribed with Gwaeron's symbol and are mainly found within the High Forest and Cormanthor.

Dogma:Gwaeron's teaching mirror those of Mielikki,whom he serves. Intelligent beings can live in harmony with the wild without requiring the destruction of one in the name of the other. Gwaeronans are taught to embrace the wild and not fear it,because the wild ways are the good ways. They are to keep the balance and learn the hidden ways of all life. They should not allow trees to be needlessly felled or the forest to be burned. They are to live in the forest and be a part of the forest,not dwell in endless battle against the forest.

Stalkers of the Silent Path must protect forest life and strive to keep the balance that indiscriminate fire-users,woodcutters,and hunters break. They are to live in harmony with the woods,to teach others to do so,and to punish and frustrate those who hunt for sport (not food) and who practice cruelties upon wild creatures. Gwaeronans are to take their roles as protectors very seriously and to keep in check the numbers of sentient,generally malicious wild creatures and humanoids who would distort the Balance just as much as incursions from civilized,careless and thoughtless humans.

日常活动Day-to-Day Activities:
Day-to-Day Activities:Stalkers of the Silent Path walk the trails and wilderness of the North practicing their craft,becoming attuned to their environment,and observing the activities of the “monster” races. When called upon by the church of Mielikki or hired by local rulers,they track down fugitives from justice,elusive predators (both human and beast),or lost travelers. Some join militias,mercenary companies,or adventuring companies where they typically serve as scouts. In times of famine,Stalkers travel to regions where game is scarce and the inhabitants are in danger of starving and use their skills to provide food.

圣日/重要仪式Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:
Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:Gwaeron has no special holy days outside of those commonly celebrated by the faith of Mielikki. After a successful “stalk," Stalkers of the Silent Path and any would-be tracker who invokes Gwaeron's name are expected to leave a circle of six footprints in the ground with their right foot,the heel of each print nearly touching and the toes facing outward.

主要崇拜中心Major Centers of Worship:
  据说桂伦沉眠于三猪地镇以西一棵笔直的树,这棵树被称为桂伦之眠[Gwaeron's Slumber]。在罕见的情况下,可以看见他走进或走出这棵树。崇敬梅丽凯的游侠们常常拜访桂伦之眠进行祷告,但那里并没有神龛,而且桂伦也从不在前来寻找他的人面前现身。据说在这棵树入睡的梅丽凯信徒,会在梦到女神希望他们去做什么的暗示。如果这位信徒不是一位游侠,这个人将获得如同游侠、一生一次、持续整日的追踪能力。为避免触怒桂伦,三猪地的法律禁止在这些树木中采伐木材、或在这片林中狩猎动物。当地民兵在森林中巡逻防备兽人、巨魔和其它智慧怪物在那露营——不过低智力的怪物从未在桂伦之眠出现过。
Major Centers of Worship:Gwaeron is said to sleep in a stand of trees just to the west of the town of Triboar,known as Gwaeron's Slumber. On rare occasions he can be seen walking into or out of the trees. Rangers who venerate Mielikki often visit Gwaeron's Slumber to pray,but there is no shrine there and Gwaeron never appears to those who come seeking him. It is said that worshipers of Mielikki who sleep in this wood receive in their dreams some hint of what the goddess wants them to do. If such a worshiper is not a ranger,the person gains a once-in-a-lifetime,day-long ability to track as a ranger does. To avoid angering Gwaeron,there are laws in Tri-boar against cutting any wood from these trees or hunting any creature in the woods. The local militia patrols the forest to prevent ores,trolls,and other such creatures from camping there—but less intelligent monsters have never been seen in Gwaeron's Slumber.

从属组织Affiliated Orders:
Affiliated Orders:As discussed above,those rangers of Mielikki's clergy who are specifically sworn into Gwaeron's service are members of the Fellowship of Stalkers of the Silent Path. This informal order (composed exclusively of single-classed human and half-elven rangers) focuses on the interpretation of woodland signs and tracking all manners of beings and beasts. Members retain close ties to the regular hierarchy of Mielikki's faith and are considered regular members of that church as well as of the fellow-ship. They serve as the tracking,scouting,and hunting arm of Mielikki's faith,much as Gwaeron serves Mielikki.

祭司祭服Priestly Vestments:
Priestly Vestments:Stalkers of the Silent Path dress practically for their environment,preferring clothing made of supple,sturdy leathers and comfortable boots. They let their hair and beards grow freely,but keep them neatly combed and arranged in practical styles. Female Stalkers of the Silent Path wear their hair in a long,loose braid down their back. Male Stalkers rarely go bald and can always grow beards. All Stalkers wear a patch or sport embroidery on their formal vestments displaying Gwaeron's symbol and respect the seasonal colors of Mielikki's clergy's ceremonial raiment in the dyes used to color their formal clothes. Many Stalkers choose to tattoo a blue or brown five-pointed star on themselves in honor of their dedication to the order of the Silent Path.

冒险装束Adventuring Garb:
Adventuring Garb:Gwaeron's followers dress practically when adven-turing,in clothing very similar to their formal garb,but not as colorful. Stalkers pay respect to the seasonal colors of Mielikki's clergy's garb in their trim or accessories while in the field,but not so as to make targets of them-selves in incompatible-colored terrain. When the weather permits,male Stalkers like to work bare-chested,and both male and female Stalkers prefer working barefoot or in soft moccasins when practical.

专属祭司Specialty Priests(游侠Rangers

  职业需求REQUIREMENTS:力量[Strength] 13,敏捷[Dexterity] 13,体质[Constitution] 14,感知[Wisdom] 14
  关键属性PRIME REQ.:力量[Strength],敏捷[Dexterity],感知[Wisdom]
  防具ARMOR:任意(如果装备着比镶钉皮甲更重的防具,在一些特殊能力增值上将受到惩罚)[Any(penalties to some special abilities accrue if wearing heavier armor than studded leather)]
  主修领域MAJOR SPHERES:动物[Animal],预言[divination],植物[plant],旅者[travelers]
  魔法物品MAGICAL ITEMS:如同游侠[Same as rangers]
  熟练需求REQ. PROFS:生存(林地)[Survival (woodland)]
  熟练奖励BONUS PROFS:以下选择三:动物知识[Animal lore],草药学[herbalism],狩猎[hunting],设置陷阱[set snares],当代语言(精灵语)[modern languages (elvish)],当代语言(侏儒语)[modern languages (gnome)],当代语言(半身人语)[modern languages (haifling) ]

  桂伦[Gwaeron]受到一个精英追迹者组织崇拜,他们源于梅丽凯神职人员中的纯职游侠队伍。该组织被称为寂静之道的追迹者团契。该组织成员的能力和限制,除了上面和下面已的改变,与丛林女士[the Lady of Forests]神职人员中所有其他游侠、在《玩家手册Player's Handbook》和《信仰与化身Faiths & Avatars》中详述的完全一致。
Gwaeron is venerated by an order of elite trackers drawn from the ranks of the single-classed rangers in Mielikki's clergy. The order is known as the Fellowship of Stalkers of the Silent Path. The abilities and restrictions of members of this order,aside from the changes noted above and below,are identical to those of all other rangers in the clergy of the Lady of Forests as detailed in the Player's Handbook and Faiths & Avatars.

  ·Stalkers of the Silent Path receive a +1 bonus for every three levels of experience (round up) to their hunting and tracking proficiencies,to a maximum of +5.

  ·Stalkers of the Silent Path lead solitary,lonely lives and,as a result,do not attract followers at 10th level except for a single bloodhound of maximum hit points (who can never be replaced).

  ·At 3rd level,Stalkers of the Silent Path can cast natural attunement (as the 2nd-level priest spell) once per day. At 6th level they can cast this spell twice per day,and at 9th level and above,they can cast it three times per day.

  ·At 14th level,stalkers of the Silent Path can wind walk (as the 7th-level priest spell) once per day.

桂伦教派法术Gwaeronan Spells

Note that all clergy of Gwaeron also gain access to the applicable religion-specific spells of Mielikki.

2nd Level
自然协同Natural Attunement
  (祭司Pr 2;附魔/魅惑[Enchantment/Charm])

  施法时间Casting Time:5
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 只活物[One living creature]
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无[None]

This spell enables the recipient to become fully attuned to the surroundings,to notice every detail of the environment,and to parse which facts are important and why. This spell provides the recipient with a +2 bonus to surprise rolls,a +1 bonus to initiative,and a +1 bonus to saving throws for its duration. If the recipient does not have proficiency in tracking,the ability is conferred for the spells duration. Recipients who are nonrangers proficient in tracking can track as a ranger for the duration of the spell (in other words,without the -6 penalty). Recipients who are rangers can track common trails with a +3 bonus for the duration of the spell. They can even track "impossible trails," such as those left by flying or noncorporeal creatures,but with a -6 penalty. If a trail is ever lost during the spell's duration,ranger recipients are allowed a second chance to find the trail again.

The material component of this spell is a handful of dirt that is smeared on the spellcaster's palms.


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