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[P&P神力与神系] [P.022]加葛斯Gargauth [复制链接]

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  (被放逐者[the outcast],那凝视的主[the Lord Who Watches],九狱第十领主[the Tenth Lord of the Nine],深狱的失落领主[the Lost Lord of the Pit],隐藏的领主[the Hidden Lord])

  主物质位面半神力[Demipower of the Prime Material Plane],

  神职PORTFOLIO:背叛[Betrayal],残忍[cruelty],政治腐败[political corruption],不健康的议会[ill council],自私自利的顾问[self-serving advisers],政治操纵者[political puppetmasters],权力掮客[powerbrokers],权力贩子[powermongers]
  神域名DOMAIN NAME:托瑞尔/费伦[Toril/Faerûn]
  盟友ALLIES:贝哈瑞特(消逝)[Beherit (dead)],九狱众领主[the Lords of the Nine]
  敌对FOES:班恩(消逝)[Bane (dead)],巴尔(消逝)[Bhaal (dead)],希瑞克[Cyric],伊亚契图·希维姆[Iyachtu Xvim],洛薇艾塔[Loviatar],莎尔[Shar],赛雅茉芙[Siamorphe],塔洛娜[Talona]
  徽记SYMBOL:一支被折断的动物犄角[A broken animal horn]
  信徒阵营WOR. ALIGN.:守序中立LN,守序邪恶LE,中立邪恶NE
【右图出自《Faiths & Pantheons》】

  即便是对他的其他同类而言,这位邪恶神力的秽恶天性也是糟过了头,于是,加葛斯[Gargauth](读作“加苟斯GAR-goth”)被从他位于巴托地狱[Baator]的宫殿逐出,判处到主物质位面[the Prime Material Plane]流浪。加葛斯体现了伴随着所有自私自利、贪得无厌且权欲炽热的领导人和组织的、不可避免的腐烂与腐败。出于对他将降临到访的恐惧,几乎没有人崇拜他,但也有个别愚蠢的凡人带着征服与权势的梦想,求助于那凝视的主[the Lord Who Watches],支付一定的代价换取他的援助——在事后,他们将发现这份代价支付起来太过昂贵的。
An evil power whose foul nature was too much even for others of his ilk,Gargauth (GAR-goth) was cast out of his palace in Baator and condemned to wander the Prime Material Plane. Gargauth embodies the inevitable decay and corruption that accompany all self-serving,greedy,and power-hungry leaders and groups. Few individuals worship Gargauth for fear that he will drop in for a visit,but a few foolish mortals with dreams of conquest and power turn to the Lord Who Watches for his assistance in exchange for a price—a price they later find too dear to pay.

Gargauth's malevolence and cruelty are made all the worse by the veneer of civility and compassion he wears when first encountered. Gargauth holds to the letter of any agreement,not the spirit,and relishes betraying anyone with whom he forges a pact by twisting the contract to serve his own ends. Gargauth is a master strategist,and his sense of humor moderates his temper. He can be erudite,charming,and genteel,but his true nature always reveals itself eventually. In truth,the Lord Who Watches is utterly depraved,the incarnation of evil most foul

  加葛斯也被称作被放逐者[the Outcast],远古文献中暗示加苟斯[Gargoth](他在那时为人所知的名字)曾为九狱之诸领主[the Lords of the Nine]这个令人敬畏的团体中的一员,这个团体统治着九层地狱[the Nine-Layered Pit]——即巴托位面,巴特祖居住的地方。加苟斯被放逐的原因已经失落在岁月的迷雾中。一些贤者声称他曾挑战过奈瑟斯的黑暗之主[the Dark Lord of Nessus],并且被流放;而另一些则说他在他最亲密的盟友,贝哈瑞特[Beherit],毁灭于黑暗之主[the Dark Lord]之手时离开。
Gargauth is also known as the Outcast,and ancient texts imply that Gargoth (as he was then known) was once a member of the august body known as the Lords of the Nine who rule the Nine-Layered Pit that is the plane of Baator and the baatezu who inhabit it. The reason for Gargoth's exile has been lost in the mists of time. Some sages claim he challenged the Dark Lord of Nessus and was driven into exile;others say he left upon the destruction of his closest ally,Beherit,at the hands of the Dark Lord.

  不顾他被流放的事实,看上去加葛斯对他的前同事几乎不存在敌意,他与黑暗之主维持着最密切的联系,而且似乎已作为九狱之诸领主所有事务全权的大使服务了无数年头。除了巴托(因为若返回就将被永久毁灭的威胁,禁止了他回归巴托地狱)和上层位面[the Upper Planes]外,他在所有位面自由地漫游着,不过,他花费了大量的精力和时间在主物质位面扩展影响力,尤其是在艾柏尔-托瑞尔[Abeir-Toril]世界。在他旅程的某个节点,加葛斯击败了亚斯塔罗斯[Astaroth],一位力量强大的塔纳厘领主,被放逐者随后把这位邪魔幸存于诸国度[the Realms]的少量教派徒据为了己有,而这让加葛斯第一次品尝到了神性。
Regardless of the facts behind his banishment,Gargauth apparently bears little animosity for his former peers,maintaining his closest ties with the Dark Lord,and he seems to have served the Lords of the Nine as an ambassador plenipotentiary of sorts for eons. He has wandered all the planes freely,except for Baator (from which he is banned with the threat of permanent destruction should he ever return) and the Upper Planes,but he has expended much of his effort and time in the Prime Material Plane,particularly on the world of Abeir-Toril. At one point during his travels,Gargauth defeated Astaroth,a tanar'ri lord of great power,and the Outcast then appropriated the worship of that fiend's few surviving cultists in the Realms,giving Gargauth his first taste of godhood.

  关于作为加葛斯作为九狱诸领主特使的旅途,已知有一份以日志形式存在的完整编年史。加葛斯日志的原件存于欧格玛[Oghma]位于外域[the Outlands]的图书馆中,但其他副本也可能存在。并不清楚加葛斯日记的副本是否附加了任何诅咒附魔,但以这位被放逐者的个性,解读它们应将伴随着全副武装的污秽诅咒。
A complete chronicle of Gargauth's journeys as an emissary of the Lords of the Nine is known to exist in journal form. The original copy of Gargauth's journal resides in Oghma's library in the Outlands,but other copies may exist. Whether copies of Gargauth's journal bear any malignant enchantment is unknown,but enspelling them with a panoply of foul curses would be in character for the Outcast.

  游记内容未知,但确信包含数量庞大、邪恶到无法形容的远古魔法和卑劣到难以形容的生物的描述。举例来说,在对凯兰沃[Kelemvor]灵魂的狩猎期间,希瑞克[Cyric]为了一种能看穿所有神性屏障、对神欺诈的附魔,而参考了拷贝自欧格玛个人财产的原件。这道必需的仪式,启发了希瑞克最终毁灭了散提尔堡[Zhentil Keep]的疯狂计划。
The contents of the travelogue are unknown but are believed to include numerous ancient magics of unspeakable evil and descriptions of creatures of incredible vileness. For example,while hunting for Kelemvor's soul,Cyric consulted the original copy in Oghma's possession for an enchantment to see through all divine barriers and godly deceptions. The required ritual inspired Cyric's mad plan that eventually destroyed Zhentil Keep.

  加葛斯曾于无数场合(通常是拜某些强大而邪恶的个体、或是某支黑暗神力的教派所赐)上,神临诸国度。举例来说,拜桑比亚的班恩[Bane]追随者们所赐,加葛斯作为一只“野生巴特祖”现身,攻击了白银竖琴之符[the Sign of the Silver Harp](一间小酒馆,坐落于图恩之地[the Tunlands]的堕落之人桥[the Bridge of Fallen Men]西头)。而白银竖琴,也正是在双足飞龙之年[the Year of the Wandering Wyvern](1022 DR)重建之后的竖琴手[Harpers]组织的共同目标。加葛斯逃离了伊尔明斯特[Elminster]布置在那的这座巨大陷阱,而班恩教派[the Banites]的教徒们则在随后被击溃。(更多关于这的信息,见《竖琴手密码Code of the Harpers》中关于竖琴手历史的讨论。)
Gargauth has appeared in the Realms on numerous occasions,often at the bequest of some powerful and evil individual or a cult of some dark power. For example,Gargoth was the “wild baatezu” who appeared at the bequest of the followers of Bane in Sembia to attack the Sign of the Silver Harp,an inn located west of the Bridge of Fallen Men on the edge of the Tunlands. The Silver Harp was the common destination of Harpers after the organization was refounded in the Year of the Wandering Wyvern (1022 DR). Gargoth fled the massive trap that Elminster had laid there,and the Banites were subsequently routed. (For more on this,see the discussion of the history of the Harpers in the Code of the Harpers.)

  加葛斯的流亡事实上可能有部分为自愿;自他从巴托被放逐,他一直在努力成为一位神性权能,并显然认为一条擢升并加入泛费伦神系[the Faerûnian pantheon]的大道,将最终让他能够在权势上超越从前的同侪。在白银竖琴之符之战一段时间后,加葛斯凭借靠自己成为了一位半神力。在数个世纪的努力后,部分靠着数量庞大的巴特祖——这些巴特祖的本质完全进入了诸国度(因为他们在进入人体后被困)——的永久毁灭、和之后对他们的力量的吸取,他完成了这项壮举,并在同一时间积累了越来越多的教派追随者。
Gargauth's exile may have been in fact somewhat voluntary;since his banishment from Baator he has striven to become a divine power and apparently views ascending into and within the Faerûnian pantheon as an avenue that will eventually enable him to surpass his former peers in power.Sometime after the battle at the Sign of the Silver Harp,Gargauth became a demipower in his own right. He accomplished this feat after centuries of effort in part by permanently destroying numerous baatezu whose essences were completely in the Realms (because they had been stranded after entering in person) and then absorbing their power,while at the same time accruing an increasing cult following.

  在竖琴星战争[the Harpstar Wars]期间竖琴手们的注意力指向别处时,加葛斯的教派在诸国度开花兴盛,他的追随者们以各自的方式、为在无数的国度和城市里掌权而斗争。在这一时期,加葛斯的权能几乎上升到了弱等神力的行列,但一支黑暗诸神[the Dark Gods](班恩、巴尔[Bhaal]、洛薇艾塔[Loviatar]、以及塔洛娜[Talona])的联盟挫败了他的计划并镇压了他的追随者。
Gargauth's cult blossomed in the Realms during the Harpstar Wars while the Harpers' attention was directed elsewhere,and his followers fought their way to power in numerous realms and cities. During this time,Gargauth nearly ascended in power to the ranks of a lesser power,but an alliance of the Dark Gods (Bane,Bhaal,Loviatar,and Talona) thwarted his plans and crushed his followers.

  在被黑暗诸神击败后,加葛斯一直在试图重建他的信众,并密谋最终恢复他失去的领地和追随者。值得一提的是,在动荡之年期间,那凝视的主在寻找将托瑞尔从其它位面隔绝的途径,他相信如果其他神力被从诸国度隔绝,他便能夺取强大的神性力量。作为其研究的一部分,他已经走遍许多伊马斯卡帝国[the Imaskari Empire]的远古废墟,在很久以前,这个帝国的法师们部分实现了阻碍穆尔霍兰德和恩瑟神系进入诸国度。
Gargauth has been attempting to rebuild his flock ever since his defeat by the Dark Gods,and he plots to eventually recover all his lost lands and followers. In particular,the Lord Who Watches seeks the method by which Toril was sealed from the other planes during the Time of Troubles,believing that he could seize a great deal of divine power if the other powers were cut off from the Realms. As part of his research,he has scoured many ancient ruins of the Imaskari Empire,whose wizards managed long ago to partially bar the Mulhorandi and Untheric pantheons from entering the Realms.

加葛斯的化身Gargauth's Avatar
  (巫师Mage 23,牧师Cleric 20,游荡者Rogue 20,战士Fighter 18)

  据说加葛斯会展现为一位风度翩翩、通情达理的贤者。据称他是位英俊、8英尺高、年龄不定的成年男士。他有着贵族的面貌、温柔、低沉的声音、以及一抹小胡子。加葛斯以各种种族的伪装展现,但被放逐者只在极少数的时候才会展现为女性。(例如在矮人族,讲述了一个题为“亚斯塔罗斯的馈赠[The Legacy of Astaroth]”的故事,被放逐者展现为了一位矮人。)
Gargauth is said to appear as a charismatic,reasonable sage. He is reputedly handsome,8 feet tall,and of indeterminate mature age. He has noble features,a soft,low voice,and a mustache. Gargauth has appeared in the guise of a variety of races,but the Outcast only rarely appears as a female. (The dwarves,for example,tell a tale entitled “The Legacy of Astaroth” in which the Outcast appeared as a dwarf.)

Gargauth typically wears swash-topped boots,jerkins with slit and puffed sleeves,velvet-lined cloaks and similar finery,and usually carries huge sparkling knuckle rings,pendants,buckle ornaments,and cloak pins. Sometimes he adopts the guise of a nondescript trader or old pilgrim. Regardless of his original form,as Gargauth spends more time in one place,his true nature becomes apparent as his flesh and clothing rot and twist,horns and jagged shards erupt from his face and back,and he grows claws and fangs. By this time,though,those under his influence are usually enspelled so as to be unaware of his deadly nature.

Gargauth favors spells from the astral,charm,combat,divination,and law spheres and the schools of abjuration,alteration,enchantment/charm,and invocation/evocation,although he can cast spells from any sphere except summoning and any schools except conjuration/summoning.

  防御等级 -3;移动 15;生命值 177;零级命中值 3;#攻击 5次/1轮(匕首) 或 2次/1轮
  伤害 1d4+13(+3匕首,+8力量,+2对投掷匕首专精奖励)
  魔抗 65%;体型 中型M(6英尺)或 大型L(8英尺)
  力量 25,敏捷 16,体质 19,智力 24,感知 19,魅力 20
  法术 牧师P:12/11/11/9/7/5/2,法师W:5/5/5/5/S/5/5/5/3
  豁免 麻痹、毒素与死亡魔法 2;权杖、法杖与魔杖 3;石化或变形 4;喷吐武器 4;法术 4
  AC -3;MV 15;HP 177,THAC0 3;#AT 5/1 (dagger) or 2/1
  Dmg 1d4+13 (dagger +3,+8 Str,+2 spec,bonus in thrown daggers)
  MR 65%;SZ M (6 feet)or L (8 feet)
  Str 20,Dex 16,Con 19,Int 24,Wis 19,Cha 20
  Spells P:12/11/11/9/7/5/2,W:5/5/5/5/S/5/5/5/3
  Saves PPDM 2,RSW 3,PP 4,BW 4,Sp 4

  特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:在他宽松的袖子里,加葛斯携带了数量无穷的+3投掷匕首,而如果他希望,他能以一位表演者的技能和天赋来用这些匕首表演杂耍。他专精于投掷比如这些匕首,然后它们将在击中后数秒内消失。加葛斯也熟练于使用所有近战武器,而且有时他已知会使用轻剑[rapier]。
Special Att/Def:In his voluminous sleeves,Gargauth carries an infinite number of throwing daggers +3,and he can juggle these with a showman's skill and flair if he wishes. He is specialized in hurling such daggers,which then vanish within seconds of striking. Gargauth is also proficient in the use of all melee weapons,and he has been known to employ a rapier on occasion.

  加葛斯拥有数量庞大、随意使用、每轮1次、取代了施法的类法术能力。除了所有巴特祖共有的那些能力(高等幻术[advanced illusion]活化尸体[animate dead]魅惑人类[charm person]热感视觉[infravision]知晓阵营[总是起效][know alignment [always active]]暗示术[suggestion]无误传送术[teleport without error])外,加葛斯的能力还包括理解语言[comprehend languages]驱散魔法[dispel magic]侦测谎言[detect lie]侦测魔法[detect magic]侦测隐形[detect invisibility]超感[ESP]摄心目光[eyebite]火球术[fireball]指使术[geas]冰风暴[ice storm]知晓阵营[know alignment]阅读魔法[read magic]巧言术[tongues]鉴定术[identify]魅惑怪物[charm monster]烟火术[pyrotechnics]燃火术[produce flame]死者复活[raise dead]形体变化[shape change]火墙术[wall of fire],以及(满足另一个人的)有限祈愿术[Limited Wish](每轮可以至多使用1次,但不能超过被满足的另一个人1回合被允许祈愿的次数)。每日1次,那凝视的主可以创造一道癫狂徽记[insanity symbol]痛苦徽记[Pain symbol]。每日1次,通过接触,他还能化铁为金[transmute metal to gold]。通过这项能力作为手段,除了不能将银转化为金外,他能转化价值至多600gp的任何金属。借由这项能力转化的黄金非常纯粹,但也非常柔软。神器和圣物不受这项能力影响,但魔法物品如果在它们的法术豁免检定中失败,将在转化中失去它们的咒文。
Gargauth has numerous spell-like abilities he can employ at will,once per round,in lieu of spellcasting. In addition to those powers common to all baatezu (advanced illusionanimate deadcharm personinfravisionknow alignment [always active]suggestion,and teleport without error),Gargauth's abilities include comprehend languagesdispel magicdetect liedetect magicdetect invisibilityESPeyebitefireballgeas,ice storm,know alignmentread magictonguesidentifycharm monsterpyrotechnicsproduce flameraise deadshape changewall of fire,and (fulfill another's) limited wish (each usable up to once per round except fulfill anothers limited with,which is usable once a turn). The Lord Who Watches can create a symbol of insanity or pain once per day. He can also transmute metal to gold once per day by touch. By means of this power,he can transform up to 600 gp worth of any metal except silver into gold. Gold created by this power is very pure,but also very soft. Artifacts and relics are unaffected by this power,but magical metal items lose their dweomers upon transformation if they failing their saving throw vs. Spell.

Gargauth is a loner. His few servants are undead and other creatures he can control with his charm monster ability,such as snakes and blue dragons. He is often encountered astride Rathguul,a great blue wyrm with maximum hit points who serves as his steed as part of an ancient contract,and bearing one or more poisonous snakes wrapped around his arms that he hurls at opponents.

  加葛斯免疫所有来自附魔/魅惑学派或魅惑领域的附魔。他能在水下呼吸,免疫所有毒素,免疫火或魔法火,只受来自寒冷攻击和气体攻击的半数伤害。他再生2hp/轮。他的一个弱点是银——仅仅是接触银就会对他造成1d3点伤害。一袋投在他身上的银币曾经对他造成了严重的伤害,而他现在通常用一道防护箭矢[protection from normal missiles]法术来保护自己,如果有可能的话,在进入战斗前便施展。
Gargauth is immune to all enchantments from the school of enchantment/charm or the sphere of charm. He can breathe underwater,is immune to all poisons,is immune to fire and magical fire,and takes only half damage from cold attacks and from gas attacks. He regenerates 2 hp/round. His one vulnerability is to silver—mere contact with silver does him ld3 points of damage. A bag of silver pieces hurled at him once did serious damage,and he now often protects himself with a protection from normal missiles spell,if at all possible,before entering combat.

  加葛斯散发着永久的群体暗示[mass charm]效果。这种强大的附魔,将立即施展在被放逐者接触的所有对象身上,令其相信他是他们曾见过最富有魅力、最诙谐机智、最智慧、也最聪明的存在。这一附魔不受驱散魔法或类似法术影响,也不受加葛斯的外观开始扭曲为一只邪恶的可怕幽灵的影响(在加葛斯到达一个区域后,这一过程要花费大约1到4个月)。只有在加葛斯的转变变得显而易见后、来到被加葛斯访问的区域(通常是个镇子或是溪谷)的人,才能认出被放逐者是个邪恶生物。
Gargauth radiates a permanent mass charm effect. This powerful enchantment quickly enspells all who come into contact with the Outcast to believe he is the most charismatic,witty,wise,and intelligent being they have ever met. This enchantment is not affected by dispd magic or similar spells,nor is it affected as Gargauth's appearance begins to twist into a horrid apparition of evil (a process that takes about one to four months after Gargauth arrives in a region). Only someone who enters a region(such as a town or valley) in which Gargauth is visiting after Gargauth's transformation has become visible recognizes the Outcast for the creature of evil he is.

Finally,Gargauth has a unique power he keeps absolutely secret. The Lord Who Watches can fully absorb the power of any baatezu he utterly destroys while in the Realms. Hence if Gargauth slays a baatezu who has been summoned to the Realms,he gains no benefit,but if the fiend is physically present on the plane (perhaps having entered via a magical gate),he can absorb its power. It is through this ability that Gargauth has become a demipower and eventually hopes to become even more powerful. If the Lords of the Nine found out about this power,they would be forced to ally against Gargauth and destroy him before he could destroy them.

龙狂之年的暴政,背叛,以及死亡Tyranny,Betrayal,and Death in the Year of Dracorage
  萨马斯特[Sammaster],堕落的密丝特拉选民[Chosen of Mystra],声称“[亡]龙必将统治整个世界....鳞甲之道的追随者[The Followers of the Scaly Way]在女王垂泪之年[the Year of the Queen's Tears](902 DR)创造了他们的第一只龙巫妖[dracolich],但这是一个缓慢的过程,而黑夜巨龙[the Night Dragons]们所预言的时代,仿佛只是一个遥不可及的梦想。
Sammaster,fallen Chosen of Mystra,taught "[D]ead dragons shall rule the world entire.... The Followers of the Scaly Way created their first dracoliches in the Year of the Queens Tears (902 DR),but it was a slow process and the prophesied time of the Night Dragons seemed but a far-off dream.

  在觉醒之年[the Year of the Awakening](1001 DR),图拉瓦·龙翼[Tuelhalva Drakewings],秘密宝藏的守护者[Keeper of the Secret Hoard]和紫袍会的成员[Member of the Purple],被送到南方的派莱维兰[Peleveran]王国调查关于一头潜伏在其首都派莱维瑞[Peleveria]城地下墓穴的不死古龙的报告。虽然图拉瓦没有发现不朽魔龙的迹象,但他揭示了一团在最深的洞穴中聚集的邪恶。从这无尽深坑的深处,一个爬虫般的声音低声许下了绝对权力的承诺,代价只是切开阻止他进入这个世界的上古守护。
In the Year of the Awakening (1001 DR),Tuelhalva Drakewings,Keeper of the Secret Hoard and Member of the Purple,was sent south to Peleveran to investigate reports of an ancient undead dragon that lurked in the catacombs of the capital city,Peleveria. While Tuelhalva found no sign of an undying wyrm,he did discover a gathering evil in the deepest caverns. From the depths of an endless pit,a reptilian voice whispered promises of absolute power if only the ancient wards that prevented his entry into the world were sundered.

For nearly two decades Tuelhalva labored with ancient magics until finally he could cast the mighty incantations that the voice revealed to him. With the casting of his last spell,a great fiend arose from the pit. In exchange for his release,the diabolical lord summoned forth an army of fiends to serve the archmage's whim. Tuelhalva and the horde of hellspawn marched forth and the throne of Peleveran was his within a fortnight.

  当派莱维兰失陷于巴特祖军队时,这只坑中的强大邪魔飞向了北方。耳语声告知了这支教派领导者关于图拉瓦的命运,以及这位大法师是如何毁灭了他找到的不死古龙国王。教派被激怒的21位巫师召唤了一群巨龙和龙巫妖。在图拉瓦加冕的一个月内,一场巨龙之怒[Rage of Dragons]降临在了派莱维兰,而当它过去,那个国家和图拉瓦都没有一丝痕迹留下。
As Peleveran fell to the armies of baatezu,the great fiend of the pit flew north. The whispering voice told the leaders of the Cult of Tuelhalva's fate and how the archmage had destroyed an ancient undead dragon king he had found. Enraged,21 mages of the cult summoned a flight of dragons and dracoliches. Within a month of Tuelhalva's coronation,a Rage of Dragons descended on Peleveran,and when it had passed not a trace of that nation nor Tuelhalva remained.

And in a distant city,the exiled baatezu lord known as Gargauth—he who had been trapped in the pit—laughed evilly at foolishness of power-hungry humans.
【图出自《Faiths & Pantheons》,左二】

其它显现Other Monifesbahions

  加葛斯显现为一团环绕着呼唤他援助的琥珀色光辉。这团摇曳的光晕被一团邪恶到不可思议的灵光污染;它被作为凡人和加葛斯不洁交易的誓契,而且还带有精神腐化[spiritual corruption]法术的效果。
Gargauth manifests as an amber radiance around anyone who calls upon his aid. This wavering nimbus is tainted with an aura of incredible evil;it serves to seal the unholy bargain between the mortal and Gargauth and also has the effect of a spiritual corruption spell.

  有时加葛斯会显现为从某只动物头上长出的一根独角。如果这个动物冲锋,这弯曲、骨质的突起能作为武器使用,成功的命中造成1d6点伤害。任何被加葛斯的触摸污染的动物,将变得日益性情恶劣、富有恶意。在大约10天后,这根犄角将脱落并折断为两半,而这只动物将患病并在此后不久死去。如果两段折断的犄角都被施加祝福术[bless]法术来处理,1年内,加葛斯和他的奴才们将被禁止进入附近(约为祝福术法术半径10英里范围内)。然而,如果,加葛斯的祭司一开始就寻回了这根折断的犄角,带着所有随之而来的可怖后果,它将能被用作呼唤加葛斯[call upon Gargoth]加葛斯的面具[mask of Gargauth]法术的主要材料成分。
Gargauth sometimes manifests as a solitary horn that grows from the head of an animal. The curved,bony protrusion can be used as a weapon if the animal charges,inflicting ld6 points of damage on a successful hit. Any animal tainted by Gargauth's touch becomes increasingly foul-tempered and malicious. After about 10 days,the horn falls off and breaks into two pieces,and the animal sickens and dies shortly thereafter. If both pieces of the broken horn are treated with a bless spell,Gargauth and his minions are barred from entering the vicinity(approximately a 10-mile radius from the casting of the bless spell) for one year. If,however,a priest of Gargauth retrieves the broken horn first,it can be used as the major component of a call upon Gargoth or mask of Gargauth spell with all the attendant horrific results.

Gargauth rarely works through servant creatures,although it is believed that flocks of simpathetics or thick carpets of thousands of serpents or poisonous insects passing through a region herald his imminent arrival.

教会The Church

  神职人员Clergy:牧师[Clerics],专属祭司[specialty priests]
  神职阵营Clergy's Align.:守序中立LN,守序邪恶LE,中立邪恶NE
  驱散不死Turn Undead:C:No,SP:Yes
  呵斥不死Cmnd. Undead:C:Yes,SP:Yes

  加葛斯的所有牧师和专属祭司得到宗教知识(泛费伦)[religion (Faerûnian) ]作为非武器熟练奖励。
All clerics and specialty priests of Gargauth receive religion (Faerûnian) as a bonus nonweapon proficiency.

  在诸国度只有少量生物知晓加葛斯的存在,但他们因为害怕他可能的到访,而不敢说出他的名字。然而,在诸国度每个种族中的少数警世故事中,加葛斯的名字(或者说他的别名之一)有所登场,这些故事关于自负的骄傲、不知满足的贪婪、或说无法抗拒的权力欲望。例如,矮人们讲述着一个被题为“亚斯塔罗斯的馈赠”的故事。在那个传说中,有一天,一位被称为亚斯塔罗斯的矮人游方艺人,到达了一座建立于一条富铁矿脉上的矮人大厅。他开始表演各种杂耍技法,进而彻底迷住了沉郁的矮人们。通常来说生性多疑的矮人们邀请他共进晚餐,而亚斯塔罗斯礼貌地接受了。在他们的客人进食时,矮人国王和他的家臣们注意到,每块被亚斯塔罗斯接触的金属(他的盘子,他的餐具,球形门把手,诸如此类)都变成了金子。然而,亚斯塔罗斯似乎完全没有意识到这一影响。在餐后,矮人国王狡猾地邀请了亚斯塔罗斯到这座地下城市观光。这位时髦的游方艺人被鼓励拿起和细看这群矮人能找到的每块金属,甚至是去碰触尚未从大地中开采出的铁矿脉。当这位游方艺人最终离开,这群矮人变得难以置信地富有——太过富裕以至于,这位国王立即将这座城市改名为纯金厅[the Hall of Pure Gold]。在亚斯塔罗斯离开后的24小时内,一支兽人和巨人的部落攻击了这个矮人据点。这伙使用了许多个世纪相对廉价的钢铁的矮人,发现他们的防具、他们的武器、以及他们的防御工事全部被转变为了非常纯粹、也非常柔软的黄金。纯金厅在两个星期内陷落,大厅内的矮人被完全消灭,只有一个幸存、留下来讲述这个故事。从这个故事中,矮人推导出了“黄金使人富裕,但钢铁会让人更富裕”的寓意。
Few beings in the Realms know of Gargauth's existence,but those who do dare not speak his name for fear he may come for a visit. However,Gargauth's name (or one of his aliases) appears in a few cautionary tales of overweening pride,insatiable greed,or overwhelming lust for power among every race of the Realms. For example,the dwarves tell a tale of entitled The Legacy of Astaroth. In that legend,a dwarf minstrel by the name of Astaroth arrived one day at the gates of a dwarven hall built above a rich vein of iron. He began to perform a variety of showman's tricks and thoroughly enchanted the dour dwarves. The normally suspicious dwarves invited him in for the evening meal,which Astaroth graciously accepted. As their guest ate,the dwarf king and his retainers noticed that every piece of metal Astaroth came into contact with (his plate,his utensils,a door knob,etc.) turned to gold. However,Astaroth seemed completely unaware of this effect. After the meal,the dwarf king slyly invited Astaroth on a tour of the subterranean city.The dashing minstrel was encouraged to pick up and examine every piece of metal the dwarves could find,even touching the veins of iron not yet mined from the earth. When the minstrel finally left,the dwarves were incredibly rich—so much so,the king promptly renamed the city the Hall of Pure Gold. Within 24 hours of Astaroth's departure,a horde of orcs and giants attacked the dwarven hold. The dwarves who had held their relatively poor hold for centuries with steel found their armor,their weapons,and their defensive structures had all been transformed into very pure,soft gold. The Hall of Pure Gold fell within a fortnight,and the dwarves of that hall were completely eradicated save for one who survived to tell the tale. It is from this tale that the dwarven express-ion “Gold makes one rich,but steel makes one richer” is derived.

  献给加葛斯之名的神殿非常少,但那几座他拥有的神殿通常坐落于大型城市下方、并且需要借由深井进入。在这些神殿里,巴托的景色排列在墙上,而上面戴着面具的祭司们,被雕刻地与各种类型的巴特祖类似。硫磺的熏香、以及燃烧的火盆和火坑在建筑群各处燃烧着,而庞大的黄铜祭坛被建在圣所的中心。加葛斯的神殿坐落于博德之门[Baldur's Gate]、拜占图[Bezantur]城、劳斯昆德[Laothkund]城、迈拉特玛[Myratma]城、希尔塔拉[Sheirtalar]城、泰席尔[Teziir]城、以及深水[Waterdeep]城街道底下,还有几座传说中分散坐在费伦[Faerûn]大陆各地。
Gargauth has very few temples dedicated to his name,but those few he does have are typically located beneath large cities and are accessed by a deep pit. Within the temples,scenes of Baator line the walls and the priests wear masks carved to resemble various types of baatezu. Sulfurous incense and flaming braziers and fire pits burn throughout such complexes,and huge brazen altars form the focal points of their sanctuary chambers. Temples of Gargauth are located beneath the streets of Baldur's Gate,Bezantur,Laothkund,Myratma,Sheirtalar,Teziir,and Waterdeep,and several dozen others are rumored to be scattered throughout Faerûn.

  加葛斯的神职人员平分为牧师和专属祭司,但平衡在慢慢转向被称作罪徒[malefactors]的后者。那凝视的主相信从专属祭司得到的收益会比牧师更多。所有神职人员都受到一套有着相应头衔的严格等级制度严厉管制。初修士被称为恳求者[Supplicants]。按照升序,加葛斯的神职人员被赋予地狱第一层领主[Lord of the First Pit]、地狱第二层领主[Lord of the Second Pit]、诸如此类的头衔。第9级或更高等级的祭司被称作地狱第九层领主[Lord of the First Pit]。更高级别的祭司通常也拥有个人头衔。这样的头衔通常包含至少一只加葛斯在过去毁灭的、巴特祖真名变体的。
Gargauth's clergy is split evenly between clerics and specialty priests,but the balance is slowly shifting toward the latter,known as malefactors. The Lord Who Watches believes that he gains more benefit from specialty priests than clerics. All clergy are regimented in a strict hierarchy with corresponding titles. Novices are known as Supplicants. In ascending order,Gargauth's clergy are titled Lord of the First Pit,Lord of the Second Pit,etc. Priests of 9th and higher level are known as Lords of the Ninth Pit. Higher-ranking priests often have individual titles as well. Such titles typically include a variant of the true name of at least one baatezu that Gargauth has destroyed in the past.

Dogma:Life is all about the accumulation of power. Civilization is a thin veneer over the base desires that make up the core of every living being. Those who wish to survive and prosper must recognize this truth and concentrate all their resources on the pursuit of power.

High moral principles are complete hypocrisy. All beings act in their own self-interest at all times;some just prefer to cloak their actions in sanctimonious philosophies. To achieve power one should use one's charms and honeyed words or a barbed and bloody dagger as appropriate for the situation. When in doubt,the ruthless exercise of power is the safest route to the further accumulation of power and the maintenance of one' position. It is more important to rule than to sit on the throne;often the being behind the king has the true power.

All beings are regimented in a strict hierarchy governed by the politics of power. Those who try to avoid the rules of the game are destined for powerlessness,to be cast in the dust of history and ground beneath the heels of the powerful. Keep to the letter of any agreement and the rules established by those more powerful,but be prepared to twist any contract or stricture so as to maximize the benefit you receive.

日常活动Day-to-Day Activities:
Day-to-Day Activities:The clergy of Gargauth tend to keep their faith secret,although there are significant exceptions. Priests work to increase their personal power,the power of the church,and,by extension,the power of Gargauth. Priests of the Lord Who Watches are expected to be Gargauth's eyes and ears throughout the Realms. They are to entice and corrupt (particularly through the careful application of spiritual corruption spells) powerful individuals and leaders in communities throughout Faerûn and bind them into strict contracts favorable to Gargauth's goals.

  在任何可能的时候,加葛斯的神职人员都会谋求为自己攫取实权地位、以及将他们的地位融入到该信仰的秘密阶级制度中。加葛斯已经下令,排在对截然对立的教派进行攻击之前,他的祭司暂时应该优先致力于削弱敌对神力和信仰,以让教会获得更多志同道合者皈依者。因此,加葛斯的神职人员相较于花费宝贵资源与兰森德尔[Lathander]和提尔[Tyr]的祭司斗争,更关心的是撬动伊亚契图·希维姆[Iyachtu Xvim]、希瑞克[Cyric]、莎尔[Shar]以及洛薇艾塔[Loviatar]的信仰。
Gargauth's clergy seek to seize positions of power for themselves whenever possible and integrate their positions into the secretive hierarchy of the faith. Gargauth has decreed that for the time being his priests should work to undermine rival powers and faiths to gain more like-minded converts to Gargauth's church before attacking diametrically opposed factions. Hence,Gargauth's clergy are more concerned with under-mining the faiths of Iyachtu Xvim,Cyric,Shar,and Loviatar than with expending valuable energy in conflict with the priests of Lathander and Tyr.

圣日/重要仪式Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:
  加葛斯的神职人员在每个仲冬节[Midwinter]之夜庆祝大揭幕[the Unveiling]。这场令人恐惧的仪式,据信涉及到许多可怖的牺牲,预示着那凝视的主即将作为万物之主[the Lord of All]拉开帷幕。教会相信,期待已久的时刻即将开始,那时加葛斯将把诸国度俘获为自己的邪恶王国,并把费伦大陆的一切转化到巴托来构筑巴托新的一层的基础。
Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:Gargauth's clergy celebrate the Unveiling every Midwinter night. This horrific ceremony,believed to involve many gruesome sacrifices,heralds the imminent unveiling of the Lord Who Watches as the Lord of All. The church believes this long-anticipated time will begin when Gargauth seizes the Realms as his unholy kingdom and transports all of Faerûn to Baator to form the basis of a new layer.

  大订立[the Binding]在月宴节[the Feast of the Moon]的前夜庆祝。它是一场个人仪式,在仪式上每个祭司都会更新自己与加葛斯的永恒契约,用绝对的忠诚交换更强的力量。这场邪恶仪式据信涉及了个人财富、魔法以及积存知识的献祭,以及对精神腐化加葛斯的面具两种法术的变体的施展。
The Binding is celebrated on the eve of the Feast of the Moon. It is a personal ritual in which each priest renews his eternal contract with Gargauth,trading absolute fealty for increased power. This unholy ritual is believed to involve personal sacrifices of money,magic,and hoarded knowledge and the casting of variant spiritual corruption and mask of Gargauth spells.

  加葛斯的神职人员以那凝视的主之名为所有已签署合同的协议祝圣。加葛斯的祭司们相信他们的主将强制执行任何协议的文本,而他的圣怒将降临在任何背叛它者身上。但在另一方面,如果对祭司本人和隐藏的领主[the Hidden Lord]有益,破坏任何协议的精神是被接受和被鼓励的。
Gargauth's clergy mark all agreements with signed contracts consecrated in the name of the Lord Who Watches. Priests of Gargauth believe that their lord enforces the letter of any agreement and his divine wrath will be visited on any who betray the it. On the other hand,breaking the spirit of any agreement is acceptable and encouraged if it benefits the priest and the Hidden Lord.

主要崇拜中心Major Centers of Worship:
  在派莱维兰王国被遗忘已久的废墟深处,建有一座崇敬加葛斯的广阔地下神殿。派莱维兰,坐落于今日的托斯察[Torsch]、坚难城堡[Hardcastle]以及大裂隙[the Great Rift]之间的三角区内。它的首都,派莱维瑞,建立在大地阶梯[the Landrise]的侧面。这个王国在拜龙教[the Cult of the Dragon]的第一次大分裂中被毁灭。大法师图拉瓦·龙翼,可能是在加葛斯的建议下背弃了这个教派,并且在1018 DR,龙狂之年夺取了王座。在这教派的21名巫师呼唤来一群龙巫妖和巨龙到这片被困的土地前,他的统治只持续了一个月。那个被遗忘已久的王国废墟中只有极少数人幸存。这片曾被树木覆盖、肥沃的土地,现在是个贫瘠、空旷、多石的区域。
Major Centers of Worship:Gargauth is venerated in a vast subterranean temple built beneath the long-forgotten ruins of the capital of Peleveran. Peleveran was located in the triangle formed between present-day Torsch and Hardcastle and the Great Rift. Its capital,Peleveria,was built into the side of the Landrise. The kingdom was destroyed in the first great schism of the Cult of the Dragon. The archmage Tuelhalva Drakewings broke from the Cult,possibly at Gargauth's suggestion,and seized the throne in 1018 DR,the Year of the Dracorage. His rule lasted barely a month before 21 mages of the Cult called down a flight of dracoliches and dragons on the beleaguered land. Only a handful of ruins survive of that long-forgotten kingdom. What was once a tree-cloaked,fertile land is now barren,open,stony country.

  在派莱维兰的毁灭过去超过50年后,加葛斯的神职人员在猜想加葛斯初次展现于诸国度的位置,建造了恶行的黑暗深渊[the Dark Pit of Maleficence]。这座地下堡垒途经一条大型的洞穴隧道与小丘[the Landrise]相连,后者被派莱维瑞城作为一座巨大谷仓。这座神殿被修建在洞底部、巨大的钟乳石和石笋之间,它们自神殿建立以来就在生长。这座神殿建立在一座谣传通向巴托位面、深度惊人的坑井的顶部。超过250位世俗崇拜者和超过100位祭司照看着广阔的真菌农场和地底洛斯兽[deep rothe]畜群,其中那些遭加葛斯之触污染的则位于周围的洞穴中。许多附近的游牧部落,在黑暗深渊的祭司们的影响下正慢慢堕落,充当着祭司们在这片堕落之地周围土地的侦察员和雇佣兵。
The Dark Pit of Maleficence was built by Gargauth's clergy more than 50 years after the destruction of Peleveran on the supposed site of Gargauth's first appearance in the Realms. The subterranean fortress is accessed via a large cavern tunneled into the Landrise that served Peleveria as a huge granary. The temple is constructed on the cavern floor and is intertwined with and between the vast stalactites and stalagmites that have grown since its founding. The temple is built on top of an incredibly deep pit rumored to connect with the plane of Baator. Over 250 lay worshipers and 100 priests tend the vast fungal farms and herds of deep rothe,some of which are tainted by Gargauth's touch,in the surrounding caverns. Many of the tribes of nomads in the vicinity have slowly fallen under the influence of the priests of the Dark Pit and serve as scouts and mercenaries for the priests of that fell place in the surrounding lands.

从属组织Affiliated Orders:
Affiliated Orders:Gargauth has no true knighthoods dedicated in his name,although he sponsors a handful of cults,secretive fellowships,and forgotten wizards' cabals throughout the Realms. The Lord Who Watches exerts little direct influence in the activities of these varied groups,and typically members (and even leaders) of the groups often do not know the identity of their divine patron.

  在西费伦,这些受加葛斯赞助的组织中最突出的是坚盾骑士团[the Knights of the Shield]。这个商人、贵族以及其他个人组成的组织,坐落于安姆[Amn]、泰瑟尔[Tethyr]、卡林珊[Calimshan]、博德之门、以及西央土[the Western Heartlands]和巨龙海岸[the Dragon Coast]的贸易城市各地。他们为自己的利益而谋求操控剑湾[the Sword Coast]的政治和金钱。
The most prominent organization in which Gargauth has a hand in western Faerûn is the Knights of the Shield. This group of merchants,nobles,and other individuals is located throughout Amn,Tethyr,Calimshan,Baldur's Gate,and the trading cities of the Western Heartlands and the Dragon Coast. They seek to manipulate the politics and money of the Sword Coast to their advantage.

  目前这个团体把其组织名,归因于在位于亡者之野[the Fields of the Dead]一处远古墓穴中被发现的盾牌。这件神器的起源并不确定,但它难以置信地古老:没有幸存至今的传说或吟游诗人故事曾暗示它的存在。隐藏领主之盾[The Shield of the Hidden Lord](它在骑士团的名字),镶嵌着数以百计的微小金刚石、祖母绿、红宝石、以及蓝宝石。如果将宝石们剥取下来,那么它们的总价值相当于几个小王国。这些石头被组合形成了一张咆哮的脸的形状。
The group now attributes its name to a shield discovered in an ancient tomb in the Fields of the Dead. This artifact is of uncertain origin but it is incredibly old:No legends or bard's tales that survive in the modern era even hint of its existence. The Shield of the Hidden Lord,as it is known to the Knights,is inlaid with hundreds of tiny diamonds,emeralds,rubies,and sapphires. The total worth of the gems would be equal to several small kingdoms if the jewels could be removed. The stones are arranged so as to form a snarling face.
[译注:坚盾骑士团最早得自Zhyra Bardson-Ithal制造的Shield of Silvam。]

  坚盾骑士团由坚盾议会[the Shield Council]秘密管理。坚盾的隐藏领主[the Hidden Lord of the Shield]是议会的真正统治者,但他极少、并且只通过隐藏领主之盾发言。泰瑟尔的伊斯兰·胡纳领主[Lord Inslem Hhune]领主最近晋升到了第一领主[First Lord]的位置,并领导着坚盾议会。“披斗篷者”高图兹[Ghantuz the Cloaked](一位加葛斯的祭司),担任着第二领主[Second Lord]。高图兹对加葛斯的效忠是他的秘密,他担当着被放逐者在议会里的日常代言者。坚盾骑士的其他成员包括阿斯卡特拉[Athkatla](从前是克瑞穆尔[Crimmor])的纳德洛克·玻穆尔领主[Lord Nadlok Bormul],博德之门的冒险者图斯[Tuth],以及海伦娜·黑暗风暴[Helanna Darkstorm](她声称是位来自琼达斯[Chondath]的巫师,这看上去更像是她的伪装,而她过去是亚斯塔罗斯的配偶),以及至少两名其他成员。可能只有两个人确实地知道隐藏的领主是加葛斯:领主胡纳和高图兹。通过这面盾牌,加葛斯能如他以化身的形式能够的那样、施展任何法术或显现任何权能,虽然在最近的记忆中他没有这样做过。
The Knights of the Shield are secretly governed by the Shield Council. The Hidden Lord of the Shield is the true ruler of the Council,but he rarely speaks and then only through The Shield of the Hidden Lord. Lord Inslem Hhune of Tethyr has recently risen to the position of First Lord and leads the Shield Council. Ghantuz the Cloaked (a priest of Gargauth),serves as Second Lord. Ghantuz's allegiance to Gargauth is his secret,and he serves as the Outcast's day-to-day voice on the Council. Other members of the Shield Council include Lord Nadlok Bormul of Athkatla (formerly Crimmor),the adventurer Tuth of Baldur's Gate,and Helanna Darkstorm (who claims to be a mage from Chondath,seems to be more than she lets on,and used to be consort of Astaroth),and at least two others. Perhaps but two people know for sure that the Hidden Lord is Gargauth:Lord Hhune and Ghantuz. Gargauth can cast any spell or manifest any power through the shield that he is capable of in avatar form,though he has not done so in recent memory.

  加葛斯对坚盾骑士团未来的计划尚未可知,但它们大概包含他征服阴谋之地[the Lands of Intrigue]、西央土[the Western Heartlands]、乃至整个西费伦,并在他的残酷领导下加以奴役的长期计划的元素。坚盾骑士团近期的活动,包括在波涛之年[the Year of the Wave](1364 DR)一项揭露某些深水城的隐藏领主,并将一位或更多他们的成员安插到那个秘密统治议会的尝试。虽然主要是由于竖琴手[the Harper]丹尼洛·萨恩[Danilo Thann]的影响,这项尝试被挫败了,但骑士团仍在继续计划取得一条侵蚀光辉之城[the City of Splendors]权力的通道(这些活动的细节,被描述于小说《精灵之影Elfshadow》和《光辉之城City of Splendors》。)
Gargauth's plans for the Knights of the Shield in the future are unknown,but they probably include elements of his long-term plan to conquer the Lands of Intrigue,the Western Heartlands,and eventually all of western Faerûn,and enslave them under his diabolical leadership. Recent activities of the Knights of the Shield have included an attempt to unmask some of the hidden Lords of Waterdeep in the Year of the Wave (1364 DR) and place one or more of their number on that secretive ruling council. Although this attempt was thwarted,primarily through the efforts of the Harper Danilo Thann,the Knights have continued to plot to gain an inroad to power in the City of Splendors. (Details of these activities are described in the novel Elfshadow and in City of Splendors.)

祭司的祭服Priesdy Vestments:
Priesdy Vestments:During their formal ceremonies,priests of Gargauth wear blood-red robes lined with ermine. Junior clergy wear flesh-colored skullcaps studded with a broken horn over the brow. Senior clergy wear or hold before their faces distorted carnival masks or malefic masks carved to resemble various baatezu or gargoyles. These masks are enameled or painted with vibrant,gaudy pigments. All clergy bear daggers and the holy symbol of Gargauth,a necklace set with two halves of a broken animal horn or featuring a broken horn in its design.

冒险装束Adventuring Garb:
Adventuring Garb:Gargauth's clergy garb themselves in a wide variety of costumes when adventuring. Priests of the faith may disguise themselves as scholarly sages,devout pilgrims,or swashbuckling dandies. Clothes are a weapon and a tool—careful selection of one's attire can allay an opponent's suspicions at a crucial moment or create a convincing costume for a deception. However,none of the clergy risk going completely unarmed or unprotected,and all are fond of hidden daggers,rings with poison needles or poison-holding compartments,lightweight or easily concealed armor,and magical items that provide protection,such as bracers,amulets,brooches,and rings.

专属祭司Specialty Priests(罪徒Malefactors

  职业需求REQUIREMENTS:智力[Intelligence] 16,感知[Wisdom] 9
  关键属性PRIME REQ.:智力[Intelligence],感知[Wisdom]
  主修领域MAJOR SPHERES:共通[All],星界[astral],魅惑[charm],战斗[combat],守序[law],死灵[necromantic],保护[protection],思想[thought],旅者[travelers]
  次要领域MINOR SPHERES:创造[Creation],预言[divination],治疗[healing],算术[numbers],太阳[sun],时间[time]
  魔法物品MAGICAL ITEMS:如同牧师[Same as clerics]
  熟练需求REQ. PROFS:投掷匕首[Throwing dagger],礼仪[etiquette],阅读/书写(通用语)[reading/writing(Common)]
  熟练奖励BONUS PROFS:现代语言(任选三)[Modern languages(pick any three)],阅读/书写(古贸易语)[reading/writing(Thorass)]

  ·每日1次,罪徒能够施展魅惑人类[charm person](如同1级法师法术)、命令术[command](如同1级祭司法术)、或者友善术[friends](如同1级法师法术)。
  ·Malefactors are able to cast charm person (as the 1st-level wizard spell),command (as the 1st-level priest spell),or friends (as the 1st-level wizard spell) once per day.

  ·At 3rd level,malefactors are able to cast enthrall (as the 2nd-level priest spell) or forget (as the 2nd-level wizard spell) once per day.

  ·在第5级,每日1次,罪徒能够施魅惑怪物[charm monster](如同4级法师法术)。
  ·At 5th level,malefactors are able to cast charm monster (as the 4th-level wizard spell) once per day.

  ·At 7th level,malefactors gain a natural Armor Class of 5 due to internal skeletal and almost-imperceptible skin changes caused by increasing corruptions of their normal form brought on by their long-term loyalty to Gargauth. They also gain one physical anomaly of a nuisance nature that looks fiendish and will scare the superstitious and uneducated away from them,such as a slightly hunched or twisted back,reddish eyes,slit pupils,or clawlike,twisted hands.

  ·在第7级,每日1次,罪徒能够施展心灵迷雾[mind fog](如同5级法师法术)。
  ·At 7th level,malefactors are able to cast mind fog (as the 5th-level wizard spell) once per day.

  ·在第10级,每旬3次,罪徒能够施展精神支配[mental domination](如同4级祭司法术)。
  ·At 10th level,malefactors are able to cast mental domination (as the 4th-level priest spell) three times per tenday.

  ·At 10th level,malefactors are able to cast exaction (as the 7th-level priest spell) once per month.

  ·At 13th level,malefactors are able to cast spiritual corruption (as the 6th-level priest spell) once per tenday.

  ·在第15级,每日1次,罪徒能够施展位面转移[plane shift](如同5级祭司法术)。
  ·At 15th level,malefactors are able to cast plane shift (as the 5th-level priest spell) once per day.

加葛斯教派法术Gargauthan Spells

  加葛斯非常乐意赐予下列3道专属法术,给那些愚蠢到呼唤他的其他信仰祭司:亚斯塔罗斯的强化[Astaroth's Augmentation]加葛斯的面具以及呼唤加葛斯[Call Upon Gargauth]。几乎没有人会对这些魔法的使用后果高兴地起来。
Gargauth is perfectly happy to grant three of the following unique spells to priests of other faiths foolish enough to call upon him:Astaroth's augmentationmask of Gargauth,and Call Upon Gargauth. Few such individuals find themselves pleased with the results of employing such magics.

3rd Level
亚斯塔罗斯的强化Astaroth's Augmentation
  (祭司Pr 3;转化[Alteration])

  施法时间Casting Time:1 轮[round]
  影响区域Area of Effect:施法者[The caster]
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无[None]

This spell enables spellcasters to draw upon Gargauth's divine power to permanently augment their abilities. In exchange for this beneficence,Gargauth extracts a dreadful price,and due to the price he requires,the casting of this spell is a patently evil act.

  在施展时,这道法术永久将提升一项的属性值(或是两项子属性值,如果可选规则《玩家指南:技能与力量Player's OptionSkills & Powers》被使用)1点,直至18的最大值。为维持这项增强,施法者必须每季(3个月)以加葛斯之名腐化一位当权者或献祭一个无助的智慧生物。如果这项残忍的契约因为任何理由被打断了,施法者将立即在被增强的属性(或子属性)上失去3点,该属性(或子属性)值(们)净损失2点。
When cast,this spell permanently raises one ability score (or two sub-ability scores if the optional rules from Player's OptionSkills & Powers are employed) by 1 point,to a maximum of 18. To maintain this augmentation,the spellcaster must corrupt one individual in a position of power or sacrifice one helpless sentient every quarter (three months) in Gargauth's name. If this diabolical contract is ever broken for any reason,the spellcaster immediately loses 3 points in the augmented ability (or subabilities),for a net loss of 2 points in the ability (or subability) score(s).

  重复施展的亚斯塔罗斯的强化能被用在同一位施法者身上。驱散魔法[Dispel magic]或类似法术对这一增强无效。没有低于半神力的个体和低于祈愿术[wish]、神器或圣物的事务,能在避免造成在被增强的属性值上损失、超过这道法术增益所给予的情况下,终结这道法术的契约。亚斯塔罗斯的强化的使用者通常落入了一个施展这道法术的陷阱、未能履行契约,并在之后不得不再次再次施展这道法术、以恢复他们的原始能力。如果任何一个属性值因这道法术累计的惩罚而下降到3,这位施法者将立即被转化为劣魔[lemure](巴特祖的最低级形态)、并被传送到巴托。到了那时,对于祈愿术以下,这位施法者无可挽回地死了。当他们消亡的时候,所有这些受害者们的物品将被随机传送到他们死亡的位面各处。
Multiple castings of Astaroth's augmentation can be used by the same spellcaster. Dispel magic and similar spells have no effect on the augmentation. No one short of a demipower and nothing short of a wish,artifact,or relic can end this spell's contract without causing the increased ability score loss above and beyond the spell-given gain. Users of Astaroth's augmentation often fall into a trap of casting this spell,failing to fulfill the contract,and then having to cast the spell twice again just to regain their original abilities. If any ability score falls below 3 due to the cumulative accumulation of this spells penalties,the spellcaster is immediately transformed into a lemure (the lowest form of baatezu) and transported to Baator. The spellcaster is then irrevocably dead,short of a wish. All such victims' items are randomly teleported about the plane of their death upon their demise.

The material components of this spell is the priest's holy symbo l(not necessarily one consecrated to Gargauth),three yellow feathers,and a ruby worth at least 25 gp.

加葛斯的面具Mask of Gargauth
  (祭司Pr 3;转化[Alteration],附魔/魅惑[Enchantment/Charm])

  持续时间Duration:1 天/级[day/level]
  施法时间Casting Time:6
  影响区域Area of Effect:施法者[The caster]
  豁免检定Saving Throw:特殊[Special]

This spell is a priestly variant of the 2nd-level wizard spell alter self with a significantly longer duration. When this spell is cast,spellcasters can alter their appearance and form—including their clothing and equipment—to appear taller or shorter;thin,fat,or in between;human,humanoid,or any other generally man-shaped bipedal creature. Casters's bodies can undergo limited physical alterations and their sizes can be changed up to 50%. If the forms they select have wings,the priests can actually fly,but only at one-third the speed of true creatures of that type and with the loss of two maneuverability classes (to a minimum of E). If the forms have gills,the casters can breathe under water as long as the spell lasts. However,casters do not gain any multiple attack routines or additional damage allowed to assumed forms.

Casting priests' attack rolls,Armor Classes,and saving throws do not change. The spell does not confer special abilities,attack forms,or defenses. Once a new form is chosen,it remains for the duration of the spell. Casters can change back into their own forms at will;this ends the spell immediately. Casters who are slain automatically returns to their normal form.

This spell has a peculiar curse associated with it as well. For every day this spell is employed without recasting it,the spellcaster's true appearance becomes more an more diabolical in appearance. Although this transformation provides no new abilities or defenses,for every three days this spell is in effect without being recast,the spellcaster's Charisma permanently drops by 1 (except with respect to other worshipers of Gargauth) to a minimum of 3. This drop in Charisma is not noticeable until the spell expires. Further applications of the mask of Gargauth spell cloak any drop in Charisma attributable to this spell but do not stop further decreases from occurring.

  这道法术的材料成分是一支遭受加葛斯的显现诅咒而折断的犄角(如上述的其他显现[Other Manifestations])和该祭司的圣徽。
The material components of this spell are an unblessed broken horn manifested by Gargauth (as described above in Other Manifestations) and the priest's holy symbol.

6th Level
精神腐化Spiritual Corruption
  (祭司Pr 6;附魔/魅惑[Enchantment/Charm])

  施法时间Casting Time:8
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 只活物[One living creature]
  豁免检定Saving Throw:特殊[Special]

  这道法术是一种阴险的附魔效果,引诱受害者的心灵和灵魂似其遭受退化。精神腐化法术只能被有限祈愿术[limited wish]祈愿术[wish]法术或神祇、神器或圣物的行为终结。驱散魔法[Dispel magic]和类似法术无效。这道法术的施展是一种恶行。
This spell is an insidious enchantment that tempts the heart and soul of any victim subject to its degenerative effects. The effects of a spiritual corruption spell can only be ended by a limited wish or wish spells or the actions of a deity,artifact,or relic. Dispel magic and similar spells have no effect. The casting of this spell is an evil act.

The target of the spell is entitled to an initial saving throw vs. spell to avoid the effects of spiritual corruption entirely. Good-aligned beings receive a +4 bonus to their initial saving throw,neutral-aligned beings (with respect to good and evil) receive no bonus or penalty,and evil-aligned creatures are unaffected by this spell.

Once under the effects of a spiritual corruption spell,a victim's moral fiber is severely tested. Within one day of the casting of this spell,a victim is tested by a minor moral dilemma,selected by the DM. If the victim fails a saving throw vs. spell (secretly rolled by the DM,and the above-mentioned modifiers do not apply),she or he chooses the morally suspect option. If the victim succeeds at the saving throw,the victim is no longer under the effect of the spiritual corruption spell. Saving throws can,of course,be voluntarily forgone.

If the saving throw is failed on the first day,the victim is tested again by a more significant moral dilemma on the second day. Again a saving throw is required,this time with a -1 penalty. If the saving throw succeeds,the victim is tested again the following day by a less significant moral dilemma,but with no penalty to his or her saving throw. If the saving throw fails,the temptations increase,and a third test occurs on the third day,with a -2 penalty.

This series of temptations fluctuates in degree and penalty indefinitely until the victim either makes his or her saving throw on a day with no penalty or until the victim fails a saving throw vs. spell with a -7 penalty. In the former case,victims are no longer under the effect of the spiritual corruption spell,but they still have to deal with the consequences of their moral failures and may need an atonement spell. In the latter case,the spell also ends,but the victim's alignment irrevocably shifts to evil (their alignment with respect to law and chaos remains unchanged),and they feel strongly drawn to the worship of Gargauth.

The material component of this spell is a piece of fruit that looks delicious on the outside,but which is completely rotten within.

7th Level
呼唤加葛斯Call Upon Gargauth
  (祭司Pr 7;咒法/召唤[Conjuration/Summoning])

  施法时间Casting Time:1 小时[hour]
  影响区域Area of Effect:施法者[The spellcaster]
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无[None]

  无论加葛斯[Gargauth]当时身在托瑞尔[Toril]星球、国度天宇[Realmspace]、或是在外层位面[the Outer Planes],这道法术都将令施法者能够联络到他并向其请求援助。加葛斯没有任何响应这个请求的义务,而他也不在这位施法者的控制下,但如果情况引起了他的兴趣或提供的贿赂足够诱人,放逐者[the Outcast]通常会以化身形态展现于场中,并依自己的愿望行动。加葛斯忠于任何被达成的协议的文本,但在任何可能的时候,他都会为自身的利益而违背任何协议的精神。加葛斯乐于以不准确的描述来传播关于这道法术——施法者在某种程度上能控制加葛斯——的虚假情报。他经常蓄意欺骗施法者来获取他想要的特定物品,具体是借由向拥有这件物品的人,散播施展这道法术将会把他置于施法者的指使和呼唤下的消息,然后在这位施法者召唤他的时候夺取这件物品。
This spell enables the spellcaster to contact Gargauth,wherever he is on Toril,in Realmspace,or on the Outer Planes,and request his assistance. Gargauth is by no means obligated to respond to the request,and he is not under the command of the spellcaster,but if the situation catches his interest or the bribe offered is enticing,the Outcast commonly appears on the scene in avatar form and acts as he wishes. Gargauth sticks to the letter of any agreement reached,but he violates the spirit of any agreement to his own advantage whenever possible. Gargauth delights in disseminating disinformation about this spell by inaccurately describing the situation of the caster as somehow being in control of Gargauth. He often deliberately deludes casters into obtaining particular items that he desires by spreading word that possessing them and casting this spell will place him at the caster's beck and call,and then seizes the items when a spellcaster calls.

  这道法术的材料成分是一支被加葛斯的显现诅咒而折断的犄角(如前文其他显现[Other Manifestations]部分所述)和该祭司的圣徽。
The material components of this spell are an unblessed broken horn manifested by Gargauth (as described above in Other Manifestations) and the priest's holy symbol.



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