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[P&P神力与神系] [P.018]卡拉苟斯Garagos [复制链接]

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  (掠夺者[The Reaver],百兵大师[Master of All Weapons],战争之主[Lord of war])

  喧癫空隧半神力[Demipower of Pandemonium],

  神域名DOMAIN NAME:悲叹之河/战斗前哨[Cocytus/Battle Garde]
  敌对FOES:坦帕斯[Tempus],红骑士[Red Knight]
  徽记SYMBOL:五臂触腕匕首(一个由五个黑色、弯曲的手臂,逆时针旋转形成的风车,每条手臂末端是一柄相同的剑)[A five-armed tentacus (a pinwheel of five black,snaky arms spinning counterclockwise,each arm ending in an identical sword)]
  信徒阵营WOR. ALIGN.:守序中立LN,绝对中立N,混乱中立CN,守序邪恶LE,中立邪恶NE,混乱邪恶CE
【右图出自《Faiths & Pantheons》】

  某些传说声称卡拉苟斯[Garagos](读作“伽拉苟斯GAH-rah-gohs”)是费伦[Faerûn]大陆西部主要的战神,直至他被新崛起的坦帕斯[Tempus]推翻。而确定无疑的是,在那迷斯·卓诺[Myth Drannor]的年代,卡拉苟斯在西门[Westgate]城和维洪海域[the Vilhon Reach]受到崇拜,而其信仰更是远在迷斯·卓诺年代——据传,甚至是在上古的耐瑟瑞尔[Netheril]——之前就已茁壮。卡拉苟斯被认为遭坦帕斯所弑(因为有记录他被杀了),但是这记录背后意味的或许是卡拉苟斯作为费伦的主要战神被毁、而这个位置被坦帕斯作为他们一对一决斗战利品得到,也可能卡拉苟斯的确被害,并被他在坠星海[the Sea of Fallen Stars]南岸、维洪海域、或边境王国[the Border Kingdoms]某些顽固教派徒复活了。而最确定无疑的是:他还没死,他还活着。
Some legends claim Garagos (GAH-rah-gohs) was the primary war god in western Faerûn until he was overthrown by the upstart Tempus. Certainly Garagos was worshiped in Westgate and the Vilhon Reach during the days of Myth Drannor,and his faith was strong long before that time—reportedly even in ancient Netheril. He was thought killed by Tempus,as he is recorded as slain,but either this means that he was destroyed as the primary war god of Faerûn,a position which Tempus took from him as the spoils of their one-on-one battle,or he was resurrected by some of his diehard cultists along the southern coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars,in the Vilhon Reach,or in the Border Kingdoms. He is most certainly not dead,but alive.

  卡拉苟斯更多地与狂暴的毁灭和掠夺战争,而非战术、策略或军队相连。掠夺者[The Reaver]被与突然降临在某些战士身上、引起骇人听闻大屠杀的疯狂嗜血欲联系在一起。(坦帕斯的追随者们声称,他们的神明正是利用掠夺者发狂的暴怒、反过来对付他自己,从而毁灭了卡拉苟斯。)在宗教艺术中,他被描绘穿着一件由敌人的鲜血染红的猩红斗篷,而在最近一段时间,他通常被描绘为跋涉在一片血红色的海里——同样是被他弑杀之敌的血所汇聚的。
Garagos is associated more with the rampaging destruction and plundering of war than tactics,strategies,or armies. The Reaver is linked with the mad bloodlust that overtakes some warriors,resulting in horrifying carnage. (Followers of Tempus claim their god destroyed Garagos by using the Reaver's berserking fury against him.) The scarlet cloak he is portrayed as wearing in religious art is one made of the blood of his foes,and in recent times he is often shown wading through a blood-red sea—again,the blood of his slain enemies.

  在1368 DR,卡拉苟斯再现粉碎了一个骗子——六臂蛇魔格莱科乍娜[Glackzana],那是一只企图以他的名讳建立一支教派的塔纳厘,她运用自己的力量将自己展现为一种类似于他化身的形式。他摧毁了她建在坐落于琼达斯[Chondath]中心修女原野[the Fields of Nun]苟斯瑞[Gosra]村的神殿,并命令以更宏伟的风格加以重建并投入对他的崇拜。
In 1368 DR,Garagos reappeared to crush an impostor,the marilith Glackzana,a tanar'ri who had been attempting to start a cult in his name using her powers to present herself in a form like that of his avatar. He demolished the temple built to her at the ruined village of Gosra,located in the Fields of Nun of central Chondath,and ordered it reconstructed in a more grand manner and rededicated to his worship.

Garagos himself scorns the use of armor (though he does not care if his priests wear it) and admires those who give in to battle-lust and merciless destruction in conflict,destroying all that lies in their path and taking no prisoners. He is blood-thirsty and single-minded. He angers quickly and cools down from an emotional boil very slowly. He is feared for the damage he can do and the uncontrolled nature of his fury.

Garagos was more even-tempered and less prone to explode of old,but since his defeat by Tempus his fuse has gotten shorter,and he has lost all sense of mercy once he becomes caught up in a battle. With the change in his disposition,he no longer felt comfortable in his former abode in Limbo and moved to Pandemonium. Some say that he moved to his new abode when his heart grew hard upon finally giving up all hope for attaining his secret love. Others say this is so much poppycock,and speculate that Garagos is finally going over the edge to outright evil he has been teetering on for so long.

卡拉苟斯的化身Garagos's Avatar

  (战士Fiehter 25,十字军Crusader 25)

  卡拉苟斯偏爱展现为一位外观结实、伤痕累累的男性巨人,每只手挥舞着一件不同的武器。随意使用,他能从魁伟的肩膀里长出手臂,而他的手臂数量也从未少于过5条。从他的武器散发出的血滴、汇成红色的云雾围绕着他。在这团模糊的血云中能听见持续的哀号。卡拉苟斯的祭司们说这声音是“失落之叹息[the lament of the lost],一如从他们身上流出的本质、注入厮杀的血海中。”卡拉苟斯从共通、星界、混乱、魅惑、战斗、创造、预言、守卫、治疗、死灵、保护、思想、旅者、战争、结界领域选取法术。
Garagos prefers to appear as a rugged-looking,scarred,half-naked giant of a man wielding a different weapon in each of his many hands. He can grow arms out of his massive shoulders at will,and he never has fewer than five. He is surrounded by a misty cloud of red blood droplets that stream from his weapons. Within this cloud of blood a faint,continuous wailing can be heard. Priests of Garagos say this sound is “the lament of the lost,as their essences flow out of them into the blood sea of battle." Garagos draws his spells from the all,astral,chaos,charm,combat,creation,divination,guardian,healing,necromantic,protection,thought,travelers,war,and wards spheres.

  防御等级 -3;移动 15;生命值 201;零级命中值 -4;#攻击 13次/2轮
  伤害 1d8+19(+3弯刀,+14力量,+2对任何近战武器专精奖励)
  魔抗 55%;体型 超大型H(15英尺)
  力量 25,敏捷 20,体质 24,智力 15,感知 15,魅力 19
  法术 牧师P:11/10/9/9/9/8/4
  豁免 麻痹、毒素与死亡魔法 2;权杖、法杖与魔杖 5;石化或变形 4;喷吐武器 4;法术 6
  AC -3;MV 15;HP 201;THAC0 -4;#AT 13/2
  Dmg 1d8+19 (scimitar +3,+14 Str,+2 spec,bonus in any melee weapon)
  MR 55%;SZ H (15 feet)
  Str 25,Dex 20,Con 24,Int 15,Wis 15,Cha 19
  Spells P:11/10/9/9/9/8/4
  Saves PPDM 2,RSW 5,PP 4,BW 4,Sp 6

  特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:卡拉苟斯热衷战斗。他的一些手臂挥舞着+3弯刀攻击,不过他熟练于使用任何他想用的武器,并专精任何近战武器。上列攻击次数包含了他每2回合能攻击的5次、以及每回合通过多出的手臂“副手”攻击的4次。这数字应随卡拉苟斯额外手臂数量的增长修正。长出一条新手臂代替被切断的那只、或新增另一只到他的兵器库将花费他1轮。他不能同时拥有超过10条手臂。当卡拉苟斯施法时,不同于大部分其他化身,他必须用上他多臂中一只的躯体动作,而这也对他的攻击造成了限制。
Special Att/Def:Garagos likes to fight. He attacks with scimitars +3 that he wields in his many arms,though he may use any weapon he wants to with proficiency and any melee weapon with specialization. The number of attacks listed above combine the five attacks he receives every two rounds with the four “off-hand” attacks he takes per round with his extra arms. This number should be modified by the number of additional arms Garagos grows. It takes him a round to grow a new arm to replace a severed one or add another to his arsenal. He can never have more than 10 arms at once. When Garagos casts spells,unlike most other avatars,he must use a somatic motion of one of his many arms,which also serves to limit his attacks.

  除了由卡拉苟斯次数众多的攻击创造的可怖钢铁旋风外,每轮,卡拉苟斯还能创造2道类似剑刃护壁[blade barrier]投掷攻击。每当他发起的这类攻击,都进一步限制了在一轮中攻击时可用肢体数量。每次投掷掷出的实际上是一道由飞旋、狂削、从空气中变唤出的剑组成的、10英尺直径的球。每个球对成功命中的目标造成8d8点伤害。目标有权通过对抗法术豁免检定来只受半数伤害。(卡拉苟斯必须为令这些剑球命中进行一次成功的攻击骰。)站在卡拉苟斯和他的飞球攻击目标之间、所形成的飞行直线路径上的存在,除非成功进行了一次对抗法术豁免检定(在这种情况下他们将免于受伤),否则将遭受4d4点伤害。这些球体的最大射程是240码。
In addition to the fearsome whirlwind of steel created by Garagos's numerous attacks,Garagos is able to generate up to two blade barrier-like missile attacks each round. Every one of these attacks he launches further restricts the number of limbs available in a round for him to attack with by one. Each missile thrown is actually a 10-foot-diameter globe of whirling,slashing swords conjured from thin air. Each globe inflicts 8d8 points of damage to a target it successfully hits. Targets are entitled to a saving throw vs. spell to only take half damage. (Garagos must make a successful attack roll to hit with these sword globes.) Beings standing in the straight flight path of the globes between Garagos and his target take 4d4 points of damage unless they make a successful saving throw vs. spell,in which case they are uninjured. These globes have a maximum range of 240 yards.

Garagos is unaffected by spells,magical effects,or abilities that affect the emotions or dominate or control the mind,except for those that create feelings of love. His mind is not difficult to probe,but rather it is impossible to sway from the course of action he has set for himself,which is usually to mince something into very small pieces. He is unaffected by illusions,and all normal animals are terrified by his very presence and bolt and run unless they have been specially schooled for war.
【图出自《Faiths & Pantheons》】

其它显现Other Monifesbahions

  卡拉苟斯最常见的显现是神之血[the Blood of the God],一团拳头大小、灼热的深红色血雾(通常是从虔诚的崇拜者身上收集的),伴随着一段微弱的哀嚎和一种对危险的强烈感知。这些血滴能毒害敌人卡拉苟斯教派[Garagathan]信仰的敌人,或为卡拉苟斯教派之人提供治疗、防护魔法或提振士气,以及驱除恐惧(类似于移除恐惧[remove fear]祈祷术[prayer]法术的效果)。
The most common manifestation of Garagos's manifestations is the Blood of the God,a fist-sized mist of glowing crimson droplets of blood (often collected reverently by worshipers) that is accompanied by a faint wailing and an intense feeling of danger. These droplets may poison enemies of the Garagathan faith or provide healing,protective magics or a boost in morale and the removal of fear (similar to the effects of remove fear and the prayer spell) to Garagathans themselves.

  卡拉苟斯也会显现为众多疯狂挥舞的武器、互相碰撞,降临在威胁到卡拉苟斯崇拜者的生物、或是那些未遵守卡拉苟斯教派信仰之教义的崇拜者头上时,此显现可能伴随着来自不可见武器真正的攻击。卡拉苟斯也借由狂战士(无论在世还是消逝)实践他的意志,他还会通过鼓舞让某人陷入狂暴的疯狂。卡拉苟斯以狼獾[wolverine]、鼬鼠[weasel]、食金兽[aurumvorae]、座狼[worg]、凶暴狼[Dire Wolf]、以及红黑色调的宝石原石的出现或存在、来行使或表现他的眷顾。
Garagos also manifests as the clash of many furiously wielded weapons,and this manifestation may be accompanied by real strikes from unseen weapons upon creatures threatening favored worshipers of Garagos or upon worshipers who have behaved against the tenets of the Garagathan faith. Garagos also works his will through berserkers,both alive and dead,and through inspiring a berserk frenzy in a being. Garagos also acts or shows his favor through the appearance or presence of wolverines,weasels,aurumvorae,worgs,dire wolves,and red-and-black hued gemstones.

教会The Church

  神职人员Clergy:牧师[Clerics],专属祭司[specialty priests],十字军[crusaders],萨满[shamans]
  神职阵营Clergy's Align.:绝对中立N,混乱中立CN,中立邪恶NE,混乱邪恶CE
  驱散不死Turn Undead:C:No,SP:No,Cru:No,Sha:No
  呵斥不死Cmnd. Undead:Yes,SP:No,Cru:No,Sha:Yes

  卡拉苟斯的所有牧师、专属祭司、十字军以及萨满得到宗教知识(泛费伦)[religion (Faerûnian)]作为非武器熟练奖励。
All clerics,specialty priests,crusaders,and shamans of Garagos receive religion (Faerûnian) as a bonus non weapon proficiency.

Garagos attracts to his priesthood those with a cruel,destructive,reckless streak. Berserkers and sadists who eschew mercy and enjoy causing destruction and eradicating opposing forces often call on Garagos for extra aid even when they profess to worship another deity such as Tempus or Talos. The Reaver has also become something of a fashionable god among brigands,outcasts,and those who regularly raid other peoples or settlements for plunder.

  卡拉苟斯教派的信仰并非一个真正有组织的整体。它存在许多拥有各自统治集团的独立教会。有两支互相竞争的教会在为安姆[Amn]和泰瑟尔[Tethyr]的统治权而交战。另一支在剑湾南部[the Sword Coast North]的教会则谋求将它的影响力扩张到整个剑湾[the Sword Coast]和那些与剑湾相连的贸易路线,并最终进入科米尔[Cormyr]王国。
The Garagathan faith is not really organized overall. It exists as a number of independent churches with individual hierarchies. Two rival churches fight each other for dominance in Amn and Tethyr. Another in the Sword Coast North is seeking to expand its sway over all the Sword Coast and the trade routes that connect to it,and ultimately into Cormyr.

  最古老的教会位于西门[Westgate]城,一直被分裂为互相交战的教派。目前占优的神职人员属于建立在攸达斯[Yondath]的教会,而两个东部的组织正在为本信仰这一分支的控制权而与其作战。他们中的一个坐落于巨谷[the Great Dale],并在谋求扩张到达玛拉[Damara]和塞尔[Thay];而另一个则扎根于落湮[Raurin]地区、并在向南方和西方传播。
The oldest church,in Westgate,has always been split into warring cults. The currently predominant clergy members in that church are based in Yondath,and two eastern organizations battle with them for control of this branch of the faith. One of these is located in the Great Dale and is seeking to expand into Damara and Thay;the other has established itself in Raurin and is spreading agents both south and west.

In the wake of the construction of Garagos's new temple at Gosra,the established independent churches of Garagos have all sent representatives to help form the hierarchy of the new temple. They are,of course,devoting quite a bit of their efforts to in-fighting in order to determine which church of Garagos the Gosran temple will ultimately belong to,but they have also been forced into rapid preparations for the defense of the new facility as the established churches of Tempus are rumored to be hiring a massive army of mercenaries to destroy the new temple.

Overall,the clergy of Garagos is composed of about 45% clerics,40% specialty priests,10% crusaders,and 5% shamans. The organized churches have no shamans in their ranks;the shamans are primarily found in more primitive cultures where berserk raiding is practiced. Garagos used to have many shamans,but his worship has waned in favor of that of Tempus,and their numbers are dwindling.

  卡拉苟斯教派的神职人员彼此称呼为“鲜血兄弟[Bloodbrother]”和“鲜血姐妹[Bloodsister]”,如果对方比自己高4级或更多,会冠以“高阶[High]”以示敬意。他们没有比恳求者[Supplicant](初修士)、鲜血祭司/女祭司[Priest/Priestess of the Blood](纯职祭司)、掠夺领主/女士[Reaver Lord/Lady](资深祭司)、以及受眷的[Favored](那些占统治地位的久经沙场的资深牧师)这些粗糙等级更正式的头衔。最后那种头衔(即“受眷的”),被加在那些资深祭司随便想出来的、自封的头衔之前,譬如受眷的至高掠夺者[Favored High Reaver],“浸血者”奥那达[Ounadar the Blood-Drenched],或者,受眷的战斗风暴[Favored Storm of Battles],“劫掠大师”阿森格恩[Athaghon Master of Reavers]。当附属于某个军事部队(一种罕见的情况)时,祭司们也能获得那支部队的军衔。
Garagathan clergy members address each other as “Bloodbrother" and “Bloodsister,” adding “High” as a mark of respect if they are speaking to a priest of four or more levels greater than their own. They eschew formal titles beyond the rough rankings of Supplicant (novice),Priest/Priestess of the Blood (full priest),Reaver Lord/Lady (senior priests),and Favored (veteran senior clergy of ruling rank). This last title is added to whatever fanciful,self-styled rank the senior priest wishes to assume,such as Favored High Reaver Ounadar the Blood-Drenched or Favored Storm of Battles Athaghon Master of Reavers. When attached to a military forces (a rare thing),priests may also hold a rank within that force.

Dogma:Garagathans believe that peace is for weak fools. War makes all who fight strong,and only in head-to-head conflict is honor satisfied. Only cowards avoid battle. Any who strike down a foe from ambush or from behind are to be scorned as the cowards they are. Retreat is never an option,even in the face of a greater foe,for if a warrior's heart is focused on Garagos,he will provide the strength to conquer any foe. Diplomatic solutions are for fools,the soft,and the dishonorable;the only true answer lies in battle. A warrior's word is his or her bond to a friend,and no one can be trusted more than shield companion,but warriors should not concern themselves with keeping a pledge to cowardly dogs or the enemy. Battlelust is a gift from Garagos;with it the faithful find the focus and the strength to defeat any enemy and refuge from the confusion and pain of the battlefield.

The charge given to novices in the faith of Garagos is:“Bow down to me,and triumph in arms. Seek to awaken bloodlust and reaving everywhere,and take part in these sacred things whenever prudent or possible. Always go armed in readiness for shedding blood. Do battle at least once a tenday for the greater glory of Garagos and shed blood even if you cannot slay. Spread fear of Garagos,and the message of his power that guides and assists believers in every land you enter. At least once a year challenge and slay a greater foe than yourself for Garagos so that you test always the limits of your skill and press it to increase.” This last is usually interpreted to mean killing a powerful monster or a priest of another deity of higher level than the Garagathan.

日常活动Day-to-Day Activities:
  卡拉苟斯的祭司们无论到了费伦的哪里、都在整日煽动纷争,试图引发战斗来让鲜血流淌(神圣目标[the Sacred Goal])、来让肆意的毁灭开启。他们中有些人是狡猾的操纵者,运用阴谋、偷盗、以及微妙的外交手段,来确保满足自己的同时保持匿名状态,或者至少让自己与由他们煽动的麻烦之间不存在公开的联系。其他人则是是并不精明、粗暴的强盗,他们从小小的酒馆斗殴开始,用非常公开的集市刺杀和类似的粗鲁方式、在各地播撒神圣劫掠[Holy Reaving]。
Day-to-Day Activities:Priests of Garagos spend their days fomenting strife wherever they go in Faerûn,seeking to cause battle so that bloodlust (the Sacred Goal) is born and wanton destruction begins. Some of them are sly manipulators who deal in intrigue,thievery,and subtle diplomacies to ensure their own enrichment and continued anonymity or at least lack of public connection between them and the troubles they instigate. Others are unsubtle,violent brigands who start tavern brawls and use very public marketplace assassinations and similar crude means to spread Holy Reaving throughout the lands.

Senior clergy of the Reaver are charged with renewing and expanding an ever-growing network of informers,agents,sympathizers,and faithful warriors—and of training and disciplining such folk. The performance of a priest's charges reflect on the priest,for good or for ill,so they often set spies upon their agents,and activate back-up teams to carry out a mission if the first team fails. At the highest levels,Garagathan priests spend their days in ruthless power plays against rival senior clergy members seeking to become head of one of the various independent churches of Garagos.

圣日/重要仪式Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:
  卡拉苟斯崇拜以两种方式进行:其一,当有信徒在战斗中杀死任何敌人时,在受害者尸体上大声喊出这位神力之名,从而将这死亡作为祭品奉献给卡拉苟斯。其二,则在他的神龛中、或是神殿里的石质的鲜血祭坛[Blood Altar]进行。在鲜血祭坛上向他的祈祷,必需以将鲜血洒入石祭坛的沟槽里为开端。然后是虔诚地祈求劫掠者能够倾听、向他承诺将履行某种英勇的战斗行为(包括死亡与毁灭),不管所承诺的是多么微不足道、再接着向百兵之主呼唤援助、力量或是指导。
Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:Garagos demands to be worshiped in two ways:A believer who slays any foe in battle can shout out the power's name over the body of his or her victim to dedicate the death to Garagos as an offering. The second way to worship him is at a stone Blood Altar in one of his shrines or temples. Prayer to Garagos at a Blood Altar must begin with drops of blood being spilled into troughs in the stone altar. Then the devout entreats the Reaver to hear,promises to perform some act of battle valor involving death and destruction,however small,and then calls on the Master of All Weapons for aid,strength,or guidance.

  不存在与历法对应的卡拉苟斯教派宗教仪式。任何七位、或更多祭司的集会即可称之为一场鲜血庆典[Blood Festival]。鲜血庆典包括一场盛宴,其中至少有一些食物是在本桌或邻桌上屠宰的、且在随后的吞食中仍然在流血(那意味着未被完全煮熟)。祭司以饱血仪式[the Full Blood]入会,这是一场将初修士转变为正式祭司的仪式,必须在某次鲜血庆典举行。参与饱血仪式的流程包括将恳求者的手浸入新鲜的血液中,并在之后用血在他们的脸颊描绘上卡拉苟斯的徽记。被用作入会仪式和卡拉苟斯正式祭司使用的血液,必须来自被恳求者在无他人援助的情况下,杀死的一头或更多怪物(危险生物)。
There are no calendar-related Garagathan religious rituals. Any gathering of seven or more priests may call a Blood Festival. A Blood Festival involves a feast wherein at least some of the food must be butchered at or next to the table and subsequently devoured while still bloody (that is,not fully cooked). Initiations of priests to the Full Blood,the ceremony by which novices are made into full priests,must take place at a Blood Festival. Initiation into the Full Blood involves dipping the supplicants' hands into fresh blood and then painting their cheeks with the symbol of Garagos with blood. The blood used must be that of one or more monsters (dangerous creatures) slain by the supplicants to be initiated and full priests of Garagos with no other assistance.

主要崇拜中心Major Centers of Worship:
  规模最大的卡拉苟斯崇拜存在于现在的西门城所在的区域。在那座城市的下水道和地下通道充斥着他的古老祭坛和徽记。那座内海城市仍有一座重要的卡拉苟斯地下神殿——钢铁之屋[the House of Steel],在那里,野心勃勃的女祭司,“残酷者”茶勒斯[Chaless the Cruel]领导着一群杀人犯、逃犯和半兽人暴徒。许多活化剑在非信徒面前守卫着钢铁之屋。
Major Centers of Worship:Garagos's greatest worship occurred in the area of what is now Westgate. The sewers and underground passages of that city are rife with his old altars and symbols. That Inner Sea city still boasts an important underground temple to Garagos,the House of Steel,where an ambitious priestess,Chaless the Cruel,leads a congregation of murderers,outlaws,and half-ore brutes. The House of Steel is defended against nonbelievers by many animated swords.

  然而,钢铁之屋并非当前卡拉苟斯教派信仰最大或最突出的中心。这项荣誉属于位于攸达斯境内的掠夺者之谷[the Vale of the Reaver]。掠夺者之谷是荆棘之流河[the Thornwash River]河源分支的峡谷,位于分裂山脉[Cloven Mountains]西部与荆棘林[the Thornwood]之间。它坐落在塞尔默[Saelmur]城和安克海普[Ankhapur]城之北、深流[the Deepwash]湖之南。在这片峡谷里,“浸血者”奥那达新近掌权,汇聚了一群狂战士、罪犯、外加各种类型的愤懑者和暴力者追随这一信仰。他和他的会众一直在积极进行着一项工作:屠杀几只被囚禁在峡谷上方的洞穴里的地栖卵[deepspawn]产下的卵。奥那达梦想着夺取并统治西门城。
However,the House of Steel is not currently the largest or most prominent center of the Garagathan faith. That honor is held by the Vale of the Reaver in Yondath. The Vale of the Reaver is the valley below the headwaters of the Thornwash River,between the western Cloven Mountains and the Thornwood. It is located north of Saelmur and Ankhapur and south of the Deepwash. In this valley,Ounadar the Blood-Drenched has recently risen to power,gathering berserkers,criminals,and disaffected and violent folk of all sorts to follow the faith. He and his congregation have been practicing slaughter on the creatures spawned from several captive deepspawn in caves above the valley. Ounadar dreams of capturing and ruling the city of Westgate.

  卡拉苟斯教派的另一处圣地是神行堡[Godswalk Keep],它位于边境王国[the Border Kingdoms]的至高橡树男爵领[the Barony of Great Oak]。据称,在那耐瑟瑞尔[Netheril]骄傲地支配着的年代,它已是一座自豪的要塞城市。在某个夜晚,卡拉苟斯的化身因未知的理由行走在这片废墟中,杀死了所有发现的生物。这一事件被称之为三神会面[the Meeting of the Three],或者(在卡拉苟斯制造了这些声音后)大呼啸[the Howling],原因是耶各和夏芮丝的化身也在同一时间展现了,以及卡拉苟斯因为无法杀死他们而在会面时发了疯般的嚎叫。
Another venerated Garagathan site is Godswalk Keep in the Barony of Great Oak in the Border Kingdoms. It is said to have been a proud fortress-city in the days when Netheril was in proud ascendance. On certain nights,for unknown reasons,an avatar of Garagos walks in the ruins,slaying all creatures he finds. This event is are called the Meeting of the Three,or the Howling (after the sound Garagos makes),because avatars of Jergal and of Sharess appear at the same time,and Garagos howls madly upon meeting them because he cannot slay them.

从属组织Affiliated Orders:
  卡拉苟斯教派信仰的少量十字军全部归属鲜血兄弟会[the Brothers of Blood],那是一支投身于毁灭卡拉苟斯之敌的组织。然而,它的成员往往会遗憾地早逝,因为他们对坦帕斯教会发起的永恒攻击,往往会令组织中人的生命变得短暂而血腥。卡拉苟斯各种独立教会与红袍法师[the Red Wizards]、散塔林会[the Zhentarim]、铁王座[the Iron Throne]、以及影贼[the Shadow Thieves]存在联系,虽然这些关系中没有哪个非常强烈。出于未知的理由,卡拉苟斯禁止对莎尔教会的敌对行为,不过他同样不允许他的教会与她的结盟。
Affiliated Orders:The few crusaders of the Garagathan faith all belong to the Brothers of Blood,an order dedicated to crushing the foes of Garagos. Its members unfortunately tend to die young,however,as making constant attacks on the church of Tempus tends to make anyone's life short and bloody. The various independent churches of Garagos have ties to the Red Wizards,the Zhentarim,the Iron Throne,and the Shadow Thieves,though none of these connections are very strong. For unknown reasons,Garagos forbids acting against the church of Shar,though he also does not allow his churches to ally with hers.

祭司的祭服Priestly Vestments:
Priestly Vestments:Priests of Garagos wear the best armor they can obtain,though it is usually extremely battle-worn. Many clergy members wear red boots and gloves. High priests usually wear scarlet or crimson overrobes or tabards. Specialty priests often have embroidery or ruby ornaments on their ceremonial robes in the shapes of teardrops of blood. Garagathan clergy members may have belt buckles or cloak pins fashioned in the shape of the tentacus of Garagos or even bear daggerlike belt weapons sporting a basket hilt in the shape of a whirlwind of five blades.

Most clergy of Garagos carry a tentacus as a symbol of their faith and are skilled in its use as a weapon. A tentacus does ld4+2 points of slashing and piercing damage to small or man-sized creatures and ld3 points of slashing and piercing damage to L-sized or larger beings when held or thrown. It has a speed factor of 3,is size S,and weighs 1 lb. It has a range of 1/2/3.

冒险装束Adventuring Garb:
Adventuring Garb:Priests of Garagos wear almost the same outfits in the fields as they do to ceremonial functions,sporting armor,red boots and gloves,crimson capes,and decorative ornamentation in the shape of the tentacus. They carry a tentacus as their holy symbol.

专属祭司Specialty Priests(鲜血掠夺者Bloodreavers

  职业需求REQUIREMENTS:力量[Strength] 13,体质[Constitution] 11,感知[Wisdom] 9
  关键属性PRIME REQ.:力量[Strength],感知[Wisdom]
  主修领域MAJOR SPHERES:共通[All],混乱[chaos],魅惑[charm],战斗[combat],预言[divination],守序[law],保护[protection],旅者[travelers],战争[war]
  次要领域MINOR SPHERES:创造[Creation],守卫[guardian],治疗[healing],死灵[necromantic],思想[thought]
  魔法物品MAGICAL ITEMS:如同牧师[Same as clerics]
  熟练需求REQ. PROFS:坚忍[Endurance],触腕匕首[tentacus]
  熟练奖励BONUS PROFS:盲战[Blind-fighting],驭车[charioteering]

  ·Bloodreavers are immune to magical commands of less than divine or semidivine power (such as those given by powers,avatars,divine manifestations,greater tanar'ri and baatezu,tanar'ri and baatezu lords or princes,divine proxies or messengers,and like beings). Tauntforgetsuggestiondominationgeasdemandsuccorcommandenthrallquestexaction,and other spells that place a direct verbal command upon a single individual automatically fail when used upon them.

  ·鲜血劫掠者免疫大量操纵情绪或忠诚的魔法物品。他们不受迷诱权杖[rods of beguiling]统治权杖[rods of rulership][rods of splendory]恐怖权杖[rods of terror]命令法杖[staffs of command]乖张戒指[rings of contrariness]妄想戒指[rings of delusion]人类影响戒指[rings of human influence]、或恐惧魔杖[wands of fear]。然而、他们在对抗用来对付他们的爱情灵药[philters of love](或其他类似魔法效果)或说服灵药[philters of persuasiveness]效果时、豁免受到-4惩罚。
  ·Bloodreavers are immune to the effects of a great many magical items that play upon the emotions or loyalties. They are not affected by rods of beguilingrods of rulershiprods of splendoryrods of terrorstaffs of commandrings of contrarinessrings of delusionrings of human influence,or wands of fear. However,they save at a -4 penalty against the effects of philters of love (or similar magical effects) or philters of persuasiveness used against them.

  ·Bloodreavers can incite a berserker rage in themselves. The rage lasts for 1 turn. During this time,the bloodreaver has a +2 bonus to attack,damage,and all saving throws and a +1 bonus to initiative rolls. A bloodreaver may use this ability once a day. The berserker rage lasts a full 10 rounds. If the bloodreaver runs out of enemies to fight,she or he must attack the closest living target in the area (even a friend).

  ·Bloodreavers receive Constitution hit point adjustments to their Hit Dice as if they were warriors.

  ·在第5级,每日1次,鲜血掠夺者得到施展混沌之战[chaotic combat](如同4级祭司法术)的能力。
  ·At 5th level,bloodreavers have the ability to cast chaotic combat (as the 4th-level priest spell) once a day.

  ·在第7级,每日1次,鲜血掠夺者得到施展鲜血披风[blood mantle](如同4级祭司法术)的能力。
  ·At 7th level,bloodreavers have the ability to cast blood mantle (as the 4th-level priest spell) once a day.

  ·At 7th level,bloodreavers can make three melee attacks every two rounds.

  ·在第9级,每日1次,鲜血掠夺者有能力施展钢铁旋风[whirlwind of steel](如同5级祭司法术)的能力。
  ·At 9th level,bloodreavers have the ability to cast whirlwind of steel (as the 5th-level priest spell) once a day.

  ·At 10th level,bloodreavers cast all spells from the combat sphere at double damage and at a -2 penalty to their targets' saving throws,when saving throws are allowed.

  ·At 13th level,bloodreavers can make two melee attacks per round.

During the time of Netheril,Garagos could grant the following two abilities to his high-level bloodreavers. Since his reduction in status to the level of a demipower,he has not done so. It is unclear whether this is a consequence of his loss of status or an intentional decision on his part:

  ·At 15th level,bloodreavers are able to cast blade barrier (as the 6th-level priest spell) once a day.

  ·At 20th level,bloodreavers automatically are under the benefits of a double-strength prayer spell whenever they engage in combat. This condition works just as if a bloodreaver has cast a prayer spell,but it takes no time to come into effect nor does it count as an action on the part of the bloodreaver. This ability combines with a chant spell in the same way as a cast prayer spell. This ability does not work if a bloodreaver's opponent is unaware,helpless,or unarmed.

卡拉苟斯教派法术Garagathan Spells

4th Level
鲜血披风Blood Mantle
  (祭司Pr 4;转化[Alteration],死灵[Necromancy])

  施法时间Casting Time:7
  影响区域Area of Effect:施法者[The spellcaster]
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无[None]

This spell enshrouds the priest in a cloak of swirling blood-red droplets. This magical mantle seems to shimmer and swirl,even if there is no wind present,and moves to interpose itself between any attack and the priest. Any weapon used to strike the priest seems to impact an iron wall as the ferrous droplets momentarily coagulate to form a bulwark against the imminent attack.

While protected by a blood mantle,the spellcaster has a +3 bonus to his or her Armor Class and a +3 saving throw bonus against fire and cold (magical and nonmagical). Blood mantle are particularly conductive to electrical attacks,however,and bearers of the blood mantles receive a -3 penalty to their saving throws vs. lightning and electricity (magical and nonmagical) while protected by this spell.

  此外,施法者可以脱下鲜血披风扔到10英尺远的地方,以此形成一个10平方英尺的液体帷幕。一旦投掷到所选的位置(施法者用意念操纵该次投掷),液体帷幕将持续存在直到法术到期。在这种形式中,鲜血披风效果如同由5级法师法术铁墙术[wall of iron]所创造的铁墙,除了它无法被锈蚀效果和酸性攻击所穿透、影响区域更小并且持续时间有限。
In addition,the caster can remove the blood mantle and hurl it up to 10 feet away to form a 10-foot-square curtain of droplets. Once it reaches its desired position and configuration (mentally selected by the spellcaster as the blood mantle is hurled),the curtain is immovable until the spell expires. In this form,the blood mantle acts as a wall of iron identical in effect to the barrier created by the 5th-level wizard spell wall of iron except that it is impervious to the attacks of rust monsters and similar corrosion attacks,is much smaller in area of effect,and is of limited duration.

The material components of this spell are a ruby or other red gemstone of at least 24 gp value and the priest's holy symbol.

鲜血狂暴Blood Rage
  (祭司Pr 4;附魔/魅惑[Enchantment/Charm])

  距离Range:10 码[yards]
  施法时间Casting Tim:7
  影响区域Area of Effect:1 只生物[One creature]
  豁免检定Saving Throw:通过即无效[Neg.]

  这道法术将激起一位有生命的智慧生物的战斗的意志与狂战士的嗜血欲望。虽然它可以施放在施法者或他的盟友身上,不过许多掠夺者[the Reaver]的祭司喜欢暗中施放该法术在对手的朋友们身上,然后悄悄离开现场。目标生物的攻击将会变得极其疯狂、不顾风险与后果、毫无理性可言。不像一位真正的狂战士,鲜血狂暴法术的目标已经没有能力分辨敌友。而这个法术的效果之下,该生物会拼命试图进攻任何被它看见流淌着血的目标,在击倒一个目标后立即转向最近的下一个目标(例如,鲜血狂暴法术的目标会忽略距离5英尺的皮克精,攻击10英尺外的兽人,但如果兽人在50英尺外,皮克精将被优先攻击。)唯有下面这种的情况会结束鲜血狂暴法术:连续3个回合内,目标周围的50英尺范围内没有任何温血动物。
This spell imbues a living,sentient being with the battle rage and blood lust of a berserker. Although it can be cast on the spellcaster or his allies,many priests of the Reaver enjoy surreptitiously casting this spell on an opponent in a group of his friends and then quietly leaving the scene. All attacks by the target creature are made in a mad frenzy with no thought to tactics,personal risk,or the consequences of any action. Unlike a true berserker,the target of a blood rage spell has no ability to tell friend from foe. While under this spell's effects,a creature frenetically attempts to shed the blood of any being it encounters,moving from one opponent to the next based on proximity and noticeability. (For example,the target of a blood rage spell would ignore a pixie 5 feet away in lieu of attacking an ogre 10 feet away,but if the ogre was 50 feet away,the pixie would be attacked first.) Aside from the situations mentioned below,a blood rage spell ends only when the target goes three continuous rounds without a warm-blooded creature within 50 yards to attack.

  当处于鲜血狂暴法术中,生物对疼痛与魔法力量有惊人的抵抗力,他们以下法师法术以及类似的效果免疫:魅惑人类[charm person]友善术[friends]催眠术[hypnotism]睡眠术[sleep]痕痒术[irritation]衰弱射线[ray of enfeeblement]恐吓术[scare]指使术[geas]。他们对以下牧师法术或类似魔法免疫:命令术[command]魅惑人或哺乳动物[charm person or mammal]注目术[enthrall]勇气斗篷[cloak of bravery]徽记术[symbol]。他们在对以下法术的豁免检定上获得+4奖励,法师法术:目盲术[Blindness]塔莎狂笑术[Tasha's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter]支配人类[hold person]魅惑怪物[charm monster]、和困惑术[confusion];牧师法术:人类定身术[hold person]动物定身术[hold animal]。而除非选择了恐惧结果,控制情感[emotion]法术对其将无效。在那种情况中,若被狂暴的生物成功通过了法术豁免检定,他们将不受影响,而如果豁免失败,鲜血狂暴法术会立即结束。死亡一指[finger of death]法术的效果,无论是否被成功豁免,都将延迟到鲜血狂暴魔法终止时才生效。此外,在处于鲜血狂暴时,生物在他们的攻击骰获得+1奖励,在伤害获得+3奖励,并获得5点虚假生命,当遭受伤害时优先扣除虚假生命(如果未被使用,将在法术结束时消失)。
While in a blood rage,beings have phenomenal resistance to pain and some forms of magic. They are immune to the wizard spells charm personfriendshypnotismsleepirritationray of enfeeblementscaregeas,and similar incantations. They are immune to the clerical spells commandcharm person or mammalenthrallcloak of braverysymbol and similar magics. They receive a +4 bonus to saving throws against the wizard spells blindnessTasha's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughterhold personcharm monster,and confusion,and the clerical spells hold person and hold animal. The emotion spell has no effect unless the fear result is chosen. In that case,if enraged beings successfully save vs. spells,they are unaffected,but if they fail,the blood rage spell immediately ends. The effects of a finger of death spell,whether the saving throw is successful or not,are delayed until the blood rage ends. In addition,while in a blood rage,beings receive a +1 bonus to their attack rolls,a +3 bonus to damage,and 5 phantom hit points that are subtracted first when damage is suffered (and then disappear when the spell ends if not used).

  进入鲜血狂暴的状态也有许多缺点:这个法术的目标无法知道自己实际上受到了多少损失,它不能使用远程武器或者投掷武器;祝福术[bless]治疗轻伤[cure light Wounds]援助术[aid]治疗重伤[cure serious wounds]治疗致命伤[cure critical wounds]医疗术[heal]再生术[regenerate]的效果都会延迟到鲜血狂暴结束后生效。嘲讽术[taunt]法术则将自动成功。在鲜血狂暴的效果结束后,其目标自动遭受力竭的影响,如同遭受了一道衰弱射线[ray of enfeeblement]法术。
Entering a blood rage has numerous disadvantages as well:Targets of this spell have no real sense of how much damage is being taken. (The DM keeps track of how many hit points a being has left,not any player.) They cannot use ranged weapons and cannot take cover from ranged missile fire. Spells such as blesscure light woundsaidcure serious woundscure critical woundsheal,and regenerate are delayed from taking effect until after the wood rage ends. The taunt spell is automatically successful. And at the blood rage's conclusion,its targets automatically suffer from complete exhaustion—an effect identical to that of a ray of enfeeblement spell.

  非自愿的目标可以通过一次成功的对抗法术豁免避免受影响。该法术效果可以被成功的驱散魔法[dispel magic]法术、或是移除影响心灵魔法的法术或类法术效果提前驱散。这道法术对狂暴中的狂战士没有效果,被激怒的矮人保卫者、狂血战士或其他嗜血狂暴的战士则本已进入了如该法术创造的状态。
Unwilling targets are unaffected by the spell if they succeed at a saving throw vs. spell. The spell can be dispelled prematurely with a successful dispel magic or a successful spell or spell-like effect that removes mind-affecting magics. This spell has no effect on berserk berserkers,enraged dwarf battleragers,berserk bloodreavers,or other blood-crazed warriors who have already entered a state similar to that created by this spell.

The material components for this spell are a bloodstone or pieces of bloodstone and the priest's holy symbol.

5th Level
钢铁旋风Whirlwind of Steel
  (祭司Pr 5;咒法/召唤[Conjuration/Summoning],塑能[Evocation])

  距离Range:5 码/级[yards/level]
  持续时间Duration:1 轮/级[round/level]
  施法时间Casting Time:8
  影响区域Area of Effect:特殊[Special]
  豁免检定Saving Throw:1/2

  这道法术会产生五条挥舞着弯刀的幻影肢体。这些肢体与武器都是虚幻的事物而非实际存在。它们会安静地漂浮在对方周围不断挥动,直到它们被驱散、进入反魔场或者对方通过了施法者的意志豁免。它们以THAC0 8每轮攻击2次。每柄弯刀造成1d8点挥砍和穿刺伤害,但在确定它们能击中什么目标时,被视为+2附魔武器。
This spell creates five phantom arms wielding scimitars. Both limbs and weapons are magical constructs and not actual,tangible things. The floating,flying limbs hack silently at targets until they are dispelled,warded away by magical barriers,or willed out of existence by the caster. They strike twice per round at THAC0 8. Each scimitar inflicts ld8 points of slashing and piercing damage but is considered a +2 enchanted weapon for purposes of determining what it can hit.

When whirlwind of steel is cast,the caster irrevocably chooses one of two missions for the scimitars:They either remain within a stationary 10-foot cube whose center is seen and chosen by the caster at the time of casting and attack all creatures entering that area,or they attack a single target creature,moving to accompany that creature at MV FI 18 (B) and revert to the first type of mission only if the target is slain or teleports away. (The stationary 10-foot cube in this case is either centered 5 feet above where the target falls dead or 5 feet above the floor at the spot from which the target teleported.)

All creatures are allowed saving throws for half damage against every scimitar strike from a whirlwind of steel. The caster always successfully makes such saving throws if she or he is hit by a scimitar. (The caster is not immune to the scimitars,attacks.)

The material components for a whirlwind of steel is a fragment of a metallic bladed weapon.



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