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[P&P神力与神系] [P.014]凡德·龙刺Finder Wyvernspur [复制链接]

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[P.014]凡德·龙刺Finder Wyvernspur


凡德·龙刺Finder Wyvernspur
  (无名吟游诗人[The Nameless Bard])

  奔放之野半神力[Demipower of Arborea],

  神职PORTFOLIO:生命的循环(从腐烂到重生)[The cycle of life (rot to rebirth)],艺术的变革[transformation of art],爬虫人[saurials]
  神域名DOMAIN NAME:奥林匹斯/延音之符[Olympus/Fermata]
  敌对FOES:摩安多(消逝)[Moander (dead)]
  徽记SYMBOL:在灰色圆内的一具白色竖琴[A white harp on a gray circle]
  信徒阵营WOR. ALIGN.:中立善良NG,混乱善良CG,绝对中立N,混乱中立CN
【右图出自《Faiths & Pantheons》】

  就在不久前,在摩安多[Meander]位于深渊[Abyss]的家园位面,凡德·龙刺[Finder Wyvernspur](读作FIND-er WIHV-urn-spur)弑杀了这位邪神从而登神。凡德是诸国度[the Realms]竖琴手[the Harpers]组织的创始成员,但当后来此人的过分骄傲致使一位学徒死亡、另一位学徒自杀时,他被认定背叛了那个秘密组织的理想。凡德被囚禁在放逐白堡[the Citadel of White Exile],直到佣兵阿莉娅丝[Alias]和她的同伴们将其释放。凡德之后在毁灭摩安多与其爪牙上起到了重要作用,从而解放了失落谷[the Lost Vale]被黑暗使者[the Darkbringer]奴役的爬虫人[the saurials]。凡德将他的竖琴手徽章[Harper pin]传给了奥丽芙·罗斯凯特[Olive Ruskettle],她是第一位真正的半身人吟游诗人(大概是她的自称)。正是奥丽芙、爱着凡德的人,还有阿莉娅丝、他的女儿与造物,在帮助凡德开始救赎自己的灵魂上作出了主要贡献。
Finder Wyvernspur (FIND-er WIHV-urn-spur) recently ascended to godhood by slaying the evil god Meander on its home plane in the Abyss. Finder was a founding member of the Harpers in the Realms,but he was later judged to have betrayed the ideals of that secretive organization when his overweening pride resulted in the death of one apprentice and the suicide of another. Finder was imprisoned in the Citadel of White Exile until he was freed by the sell-sword Alias and her companions. Finder was later instrumental in the destruction of Moander and his minions,thereby freeing the saurials who had been enslaved by the Darkbringer in the Lost Vale. Finder bequeathed his Harper pin to Olive Ruskettle,the first true halfling bard (or so she claims). It was Olive,who loved Finder,and Alias,his daughter and creation,who were chiefly responsible for helping Finder begin the redemption of his soul.

Finder has a dual aspect as a divine being. Rot and corruption (a remainder of Moander's portfolio) represent Finder's excessive pride,arrogance and vanity. Rebirth and renewal from rot and corruption symbolize Finder's transformation into hero,savior,and deity.

  凡德是位新神,他尚未完全决定在内层还是外层位面安置一个新家。尽管有传言说他被目击在奔放之野[Arborea]与泰摩拉[Tymora]结伴、以及曾在约瑟园[Ysgard]款待塞伦涅[Selûne],但他似乎倾向于在奔放之野的奥林匹斯[Olympus]安置他的神国,他将其暂时命名为延音之符[Fermata]。塞伦涅,龙刺家族和竖琴手的守护女神,她一直喜爱凡德的音乐,尤其是那些为她而写的歌曲。泰摩拉则是这位诗人近年来的守护女神,在他的女儿阿莉娅丝之创造、以及呼吁艾欧[Ao]允许凡德吞噬摩安多的神力而不是被它毁灭这两事上最为突出。幸运女士[Lady Luck]援助凡德的部分原因,被认为是为向摩安多报复几个世纪前、他腐化太姬[Tyche]的夙仇。凡德仍然不适应与其他诸神为伍,他因发现自己只是条大池塘里的小鱼而感到气馁。
Finder is a new god and has yet to completely settle on a new home on the inner or outer planes. Though it is rumored he has been seen in Arborea in the company of Tymora and once in Ysgard  Selûne,he seem inclined to settle in Arborea on Olympus in his own Realm,which he has tentatively named Fermata. Selûne,a patroness of both the Wyvcrnspur family and the Harpers,has long enjoyed Finder's music,especially those songs he has written in her honor. Tymora has been the bard's patroness in recent years,most notably in the creation of his daughter Alias and in appealing to Ao to allow Finder to absorb Moander's power in lieu of being destroyed by it. It is believed that Lady Luck aided Finder in part to seek revenge for Moander's corruption of Tyche centuries ago. Finder is not yet comfortable in the company of other gods,unnerved by finding himself a small fish in a big pond.

  在他的追随者们和他那些凡人和非凡朋友们的激励下,凡德正缓慢地向谨为、善行蜕变。不过,他要摆脱在世时获得的自私自负之人的名声,很有可能还要历经许多代人。许多央土[the Heartlands]人在引用他的名字时仍在使用告诫的语气,譬如“自私程度赶上了凡德”和“凡德般地骄傲自负。”虽然竖琴手给予了凡德正式的赦免,但许多吟游诗人仍在传述一个关于“当骄傲过了头”的故事,这个故事名为“凡德的堕落[Finder's Fall]”。凡德不仅致力于在诸国度的吟游诗人间传播他所作歌曲,并激励他们通过修改,改造及再创造他们的艺术而成长。而这,根本地与这位煞费苦心、尽一切可能确保自己的歌曲永恒不变的往昔相悖。
Under the prompting of his followers and friends,both mortal and immortal,Finder is slowly shifting toward responsible actions and good deeds. It is liable to be many generations,though,before he can shed the reputation he acquired in his lifetime as a selfish and vain man. Many in the Heartlands still invoke his name as a warning in such express-ions as “an ego the size of Finder's” and "Finder's Pride." Although Finder was officially pardoned by a Harper tribunal,many bards still relate a tale of excessive pride known as “Finder's Fall.” Finder works not only to spread his songs among bards of the Realms,but to encourage all artists and prod them to grow by changing,transforming,and recreating their medium. This is a radical departure for the being who once went to elaborate lengths to ensure the immutability of his own songs.

凡德·龙刺的化身Finder Wyvernspur's Avatar
  (吟游诗人Bard 25,巫师Mage 18,祭司Priest 14)

Finder sends his avatar to the Realms in the guise of an ordinary bard dressed in simple but elegant traveling clothes and,occasionally,leather armor. Usually he appears just as he did in the last days of his mortal life—-an attractive,robust,tall,dark-haired man of 60 years of age——but if a situation warrants it he can also appear younger or older. He prefers to travel incognito,so he also disguises his features and coloring when there is some-one present who knew him as a mortal. He draws his spells from any school or sphere,but prefers to use enchantment/charm or illusion/phantasm magics or spells that draw upon a musical metaphor when possible.

  防御等级 -2;移动 15;生命值 148,零级命中值 8;#攻击 1次
  伤害 1d8+5 到 1d8+8(+4+7歌之剑[Sword of Songs][重剑,单手持握],+1力量)
  魔抗 60%;体型 中型M(6英尺) 或 大型L(10英尺)
  力量 16,敏捷 22,体质 18,智力 24,感知 16,魅力 23
  法术 牧师P:8/8/6/5/3/2/1,法师W:5/5/5/5/5/4/3/2/1
  豁免 麻痹、毒素与死亡魔法 5;权杖、法杖与魔杖 4;石化或变形 7;喷吐武器 9;法术 5
  AC -2;MV 15;HP 148,THAC0 8;#AT 1
  Dmg 1d8 + 5 to 1d8 + 8(Sword of Songs +4 to +7 [bastard sword,one-handed],+1 Str)
  MR 60%;SZ M(6 feet) or L(10 feet)
  Str 16,Dhx 22,Con 18,Int 24,Wis 16,Cha 23
  Spells P:8/8/6/5/3/2/1,W:5/5/5/5/5/4/3/2/1
  Saves PPDM 5,RSW 4,PP 7,BW 9,Sp 5

  特殊攻击/防御Special Att/Def:虽然当有作战目标时凡德能足够勇敢地战斗,但令他觉得值得攻击的情况非常罕见。一般来说他只会使用无误传送术[teleport without error]位面转移[plane shift]撤退(他能随意使用这两项能力)。当他需要坚持立场以保护许多追随者或他们的土地时,他会使用所有手段谈判来达成一份友好停战协议。这些手段包括、但不限于:发挥他的魅力、施展魅惑暗示魔法,以及如果一切都失败后发出的恐吓和欺诈。每轮1次,即便他已经用光了通常的法术次数(见上列),凡德还是能二选一地持续施展魅惑法术(任何类型)或暗示术[suggestion]法术。然后,若敌对状况持续他将诉诸于战斗魔法,直到敌人靠近他。到了那时,取决于形势的场面要求,他或者会变形为某些可怖的怪物(他同样能随意使用这种形态变化[shapechane]能力)或者拔出他的剑。
Special Att/Def:While Finder fights bravely enough when there is a purpose to combat,there are very few situations which in his opinion warrant coming to blows. Ordinarily he just retreats by use of teleport without error or plane shift (two abilities he can use at will). Should he need to hold his ground to protect many followers or their lands,he uses all the means at his disposal to negotiate an amicable truce. These means include,but are not limited to,exerting his charisma,casting magical charms and suggestions and,should all else fail,inventive bluffs and deceits. Finder can continue to cast either a charm spell (of any sort) or a suggestion spell once a round even after he runs out of his normal number of spells (given above). Should hostilities persist he resorts to combat magic until enemies close on him. Then,depending on what the drama of the situation calls for,he either changes shape into some fearsome monster (a shapechane ability he can also use at will) or draws his sword.

  凡德的歌之剑是一柄魔法银质重剑,它拥有舞空剑[Sword of dancing]吟唱之剑[singing sword]的全部能力。(参见《传道法师The Magister》或《魔法百科Encyclopedia Magica》关于吟唱之剑的能力。)除非被魔法沉默而降为+1 到 +4舞空剑,否则它将如同+4 到 +7舞空剑击打。在被拔出后,即便是在它正被挥舞时,歌之剑也将在凡德的控制下、以凡德的声音不间断地吟唱,它可以吟唱所有凡德知晓的歌曲。若凡德希望,这将对某个敌人的士气施加-2惩罚。作为其吟唱之剑能力的一部分,此剑传递给了凡德对以下的免疫力:魅惑(所有非神性类型)、命令术[command]困惑术[confusion]恐惧术[fear]友善术[friends]排斥术[repulsion]恐吓术[scare]、以及暗示术,并只允许控制情感[emotion]法术的施法者选择愤怒结果。它还可以利用它的歌来使尖叫的人平静下来、无效化鹰身女妖的迷歌效果、以及迷魂[entrance]至高2HD的智慧生物(不包括不死或来自其他位面的生物)。若那些智慧生物在对抗法术豁免检定中失败,他们将遭受一道来自其持剑者的暗示术
Finder's Sword of Songs is a magical silver bastard sword that is a sword of dancing with all the powers of a singing sword as well. (See The Magister or the Encyclopedia Magica volumes for the abilities of a singing sword.). It strikes as a sword of dancing +4 to +7 unless magically silenced,whereupon it is reduced to a sword of dancing +1 to +4.The Sword of Songs sings constantly when drawn and can sing any song Finder knows,upon Finder's command,in Finder's voice,even while it is in use. If Finder wishes,this penalizes an opponent's morale by -2. The sword conveys upon Finder,as part of its singing sword abilities,immunity to charm(all nondivine types),commandconfusionfearfriendsrepulsionscare,and suggestion,and allows only the rage result of emotion (directed at the caster of the emotion spell). It can use its song to still shriekers,negate the song effect of harpies,and entrance intelligent creatures of up to 2 Hit Dice (not including undead or creatures from other planes). If such creatures fail a saving throw vs. spell,they are subject to a suggestion from its wielder.

Once in a fray Finder is a determined and assured opponent. He is an inspiring leader,so any followers fighting beside him are automatically under the effects of a bless spell,and their morale is modified by a +3 bonus. Finder may often unnerve his enemies by carrying on spirited banter criticizing their abilities and motivations,especially during those rounds when his sword of dancing is fighting on its own. This banter forces Finder's opponents to make morale checks every round and can be combined with the penalty imposed by the Sword of Songs if it sings.
【图出自《Faiths & Pantheons》,右二】

其它显现Other Manifestation
Finder occasionally manifests as a beacon of light indicating the direction to head when someone has lost something or someone near and dear to their heart. He sometimes manifests,visible only to a single being,as a radiant nimbus that appears around an object or being that will fulfill the viewer's deepest wish.

  无名吟游诗人[the Nameless Bard]曾在至少三个场合对奥丽芙·罗斯凯特展现为一朵雏菊,虽然它的生命只有短短几分钟、然贯穿始终的是难以置信的美丽。显示过程中的其他在场者声称,在这些显现期间他们还听到了一声遥远的驴叫。
The Nameless Bard has appeared to Olive Ruskettle on at least three occasions as a daisy that goes through its entire life cycle in just a few minutes yet is incredibly beautiful throughout the entire process. Others who have been present during these displays have reported hearing the distant braying of an ass during these manifestations.

  凡德有时会借妖精龙、火翼星[firestar]、鹦鹉、各种鸣禽、能言猫头鹰、以及迷音兽[bhaerghalas]的行动来实践他的意志。他以在艺术品内发现内部显示着他的徽记的蕾拉之泪[Laeral's tears](一种宝石)来传达他对其的好感。
Finder sometimes works his will through the actions of faerie dragons,firestars,parrots,various song birds,talking owls,and bhaerghalas. He indicates his favor with artistic works by the discovery of Laeral's tears (a type of gem) that appear to hold a representation of his symbol within them.

教会The Church
  神职人员Clergy:牧师[Clerics],专属祭司[specialty priests],吟游诗人[bards],咒术诗人[spellsingers]
  神职阵营Clergy's Align.:中立善良NG,混乱善良CG,绝对中立N,混乱中立CN
  驱散不死Turn Undead:C:Yes,if good,SP:Yes,B:No,Spell:No
  呵斥不死Cmnd. Undead:C:Yes,if neutral,SP:No,B:No,Spell:No

All clerics and specialty priests of Finder Wyvernspur receive religion (Faerûnian) as a bonus nonweapon proficiency.

Finder is still slowly establishing his power and as yet has few true worshipers in the Realms. His followers are currently limited to a few young bards and artists,particularly arrogant prodigies,as well as some of the saurials of the Lost Vale,a few music aficionados,and Olive Ruskettle,the halfling bard and Harper.

Finder often helps new talent find an good venue—a tavern willing to let a young bard perform,a shop to carry a struggling sculptor's work,a festhall needing a new dancer——then he leaves the artist to sink or swim. For most artists such opportunities are more than enough to earn their gratitude. Many younger bards and artists have begun to privately invoke Finder's name as they struggle to make a name for themselves in the Realms. This practice has been strongly discouraged by the clergies of Oghma,Milil,and Lathander,who see increasing worship of Finder as a threat to their gods' power. (It is unclear how these deities view Finder's ascension to godhood.)

Finder is also venerated among many saurials of the Lost Vale as their patron and protector and is respected by those among them who do not share the alignments of his worshipers. He does keep an eye on the Lost Vale,even when his daughter Alias is not residing within,in gratitude to her companion,the saurial Dragonbait,who has served as her protector since her birth.

People who knew Finder in mortal life,save for Olive and Alias,are generally amused by his having attained godhood,noting that when he was mortal Finder always acted as if he thought he were a god. Generally such people are friendly to Finderites,seeing them as entertaining and useful. Sworn enemies of the Harpers are liable to treat the bard's followers with hostility,as will ruling members of rigid societies who come into conflict with Finderites,dogma of change,individual freedom of express-ion,and personal choice.

Finder's actual clergy is currently limited to a saurial priestess in the Lost Vale and a rebellious young bard from Berdusk who is presently adventuring in the Heartlands. Finder's clergy is likely to expand rapidly during the next few decades,and be composed of approximately 44% specialty priests,10% clerics,44% bards,with a handful (about 2%) of spellsingers.

  有些爬虫人相信:凡德让陷入困境的部落,在这年轻一代被祝福产出了数量前所未有的灵魂歌者[soul singers]——包括整整6名爬虫人、外加排第7的阿莉娅丝。爬虫人灵魂歌者,被神秘地与部落的精神健康相联系在一起,他们加强了部落对自身的认识、并对威胁它的危险发出警告,(将灵魂歌者当作吟游诗人这一职业的变体对待,这一变体有着精神暗示能力,专注于来自预言学派法术。)
Some saurials believe that Finder is responsible for the beleaguered tribe being blessed with an unprecedented number of soul singers in the younger generation—six saurials,and Alias a seventh. Saurial soul singers,being mystically linked to the spiritual health of the tribe,strengthen the tribe's understanding of itself and help warn of dangers threatening it, (Treat soul singers as a variant of the bard class with spiritual overtones to their abilities and a focus on spells from the school of divination.)

Finder's divinity is new enough that his followers have not yet settled on a standard type of temple,but common themes are likely to include large performance areas,good acoustics,and the capacity for dramatic worship services with musical accompaniment or interludes.

Dogma:Finder's followers have taken to heart the lessons it took Finder all his life to discover. Art that is forced to remain immutable is a sign of stagnation and spiritual rot. In order to thrive,people must be willing to change and transform their art so they can be renewed by it. Finderites also recognize the power of art to influence people and politics. Although that should not be its sole use,if art can be used to keep people free and independent from social or political tyranny,it is most proper that it be used so. Finderites do not recognize a difference between secular and religious art—all art is pleasing to their god. Artistic express-ion should also be encouraged in all—children and adult,amateur and professional. While those persons who have learned and mastered disciplines of express-ion are much to be admired,Finderites also recognize the importance of natural talents.

日常活动Day-to-Day Activities:
Day-to-Day Activities:Finder's saurial priestess of the Lost Vale,named CopperBloom,divides her time between several duties. She trains young and interested saurials in music,most especially the tribe's soul singers. She composes her own music and verse and is considered accomplished in those fields by both saurials and humans. She is also charged with welcoming followers and curiosity seekers who have made the pilgrimage to the place where Finder Wyvernspur spent his last mortal days in the Realms. Embracing change,CopperBloom has learned to read,write and understand the common tongue of the region,although she cannot speak it. She also shares responsibility for rearing her three hatchlings with her mate,the saurial paladin Dragonbait. Dragonbait,a paladin of Tyr,does not worship Finder himself,but respects his mate's religion.

  凡德的另一位神职人员,那位来自贝尔达斯克的年轻吟游诗人,则被称作叛逆诗人[the Rebel Bard],这个称呼有意地模仿了凡德过去的别名。叛逆诗人的父、祖都是为人所知、受人尊敬的吟游诗人,他从出生开始就沉浸在吟游诗人的传统中,并求学于贝尔达斯克的微光之厅[Twilight Hall]。他被认为尽管才华横溢、富有天赋,但却傲慢自大。在收到他的大师证书后,叛逆诗人紧接着收到了几位著名吟游诗人留在微光之厅创作和教授的邀请,但就像一匹奔马从燃烧的马厩里逃出一样,这位年轻人逃离这座城市。出于对他的老师们对音乐创作限制的失望,以及学习更多异域表现形式的急切,叛逆诗人开始了冒险生活。有未经证实的传言说他是在阴影下逃离的——一场盗窃、一段破碎的婚约、或是一次对某位高等级祭司的冒犯——这说明了他为何获得了这个别名。
Finder's other clergy member,the young bard from Berdusk,goes by the title of the Rebel Bard,consciously mimicking Finder's previous alias. The son and grandson of well-known and respected bards,the Rebel Bard was steeped in bardic tradition from birth and studied at Berdusk's Twilight Hall. He was considered an arrogant,albeit brilliant,prodigy. Upon receiving his masters certificate,the Rebel Bard was invited by several renowned bards to remain at Twilight Hall to compose and teach,but the young man fled from the city like a horse from a burning bam. Frustrated by the constraints his teachers had placed on musical composition and anxious to study more exotic forms of express-ion,the Rebel Bard took to the adventuring life. There are unconfirmed rumors that he fled under a shadow—a theft,a broken engagement,or an insult to a high-level priest—which is why he goes by an alias.

Finder took an interest in him soon after his precipitous departure,saving his life and befriending him. Thereafter the young man took up the task of teaching Finde's music and views to the world outside the Lost Vale. He is especially fond of encouraging young people in their art,but his habit of singing witty songs critical of powerful persons has made him a wanderer by necessity.

Aware of the power a higher profile will give their religion,both priestess and bard are eager to help arrange music and other entertainments at political ceremonies as well as those of other gods of neutral or good alignment. Clergy and followers of Finder are expected to create or perform in honor of their god. Donations of gold are not refused,but artistic endeavors are considered a much more proper form of tithe. Consequently,while the church is not wealthy,it can lay claim to a burgeoning amount of art,some of which,no doubt,will one day be considered priceless.

圣日/重要仪式Holy Days/Important Ceremonies:
Holy Days/Amportant Ceremonies:Humans as well as saurials celebrate the 20th of Marpenoth (Leafall),the day Finder destroyed first Moander's avatar in the Realms and then the evil god's true form in the Abyss. Saurials are most grateful for their emancipation from Moander's enslavement and stress this in their prayers. Humans,while recognizing Moander's death as a good thing,tend to think of this day in terms of it being the occasion when Finder realized even his own music could be improved by change. The day is celebrated with music,dancing,plays,and the unveiling of more static art forms. Some of Finder's songs are usually sung,often with varying arrangements.

主要崇拜中心Major Centers of Worship:
  失落谷(也被称为塔克哈尔谷[Tarkhaldale])的凡德教派声称歌唱洞穴[the Singing Cave]是他们的神殿。这座神殿中有着绝妙的音响效果,而其通道填塞着追随者们捐赠的艺术作品。在整个西央土[the Western Heartlands],叛逆诗人已经完成了他的部分设想:几座献给凡德的神龛。其中有些是非常美丽的、或地理上对表演异常完美的开阔场地。其它则是小型的开放式庇护所,向所有来访者展示雕塑或绘画。有时来访者会被邀请添加或修改艺术作品,而叛逆诗人则倾向于那些强调面向观众的互动性和参与性的艺术。
Major Centers of Worship:Finderites of the Lost Vale (also known as Tarkhaldale) have claimed the Singing Cave as their temple. The caverns within have wonderful acoustics and the passages are lined with art pieces donated by followers. The Rebel Bard has done his part to see that several shrines are consecrated to Finder throughout the Western Heartlands. Some are open areas of great beauty or geographic anomalies perfect for performing. Others are small open-sided shelters featuring statuary or paintings for all comers to see. Sometimes visitors are invited to add to or change the work of art and the Rebel Bard has tended to stress interactive and participatory art that involves the audience.

从属组织Affiliated Orders:
  神龛维护者[the Shrine Keepers]是生活在叛逆诗人所建神龛附近的小群追随者。他们照看着神龛,让它们为表演做好准备、收拾它们、照看它们没被玷污。
Affiliated Orders:The Shrine Keepers are small pockets of followers who live near shrines established by the Rebel Bard. They tend the shrines,preparing them for performances,tidying them,and seeing that they are not defiled.

Some people consider the saurial soul singers an order of Finderites,but,while they are trained by his priestess,not all of them are followers of the Nameless Bard.

祭司的祭服Priestly Vestments:
Priestly Vestments:CopperBloom and the Rebel Bard both dress as does Finder,in simple but elegant clothing,believing it is better not to distract the audience from their performances. Future clergy members,however,might have good reason to dress in more elaborate costume should their particular talents call for a showier look. The church has not established a standard holy symbol,but the symbol of Finder displayed in some fashion or carved into a piece of jewelry or a musical instrument is likely to become the holy symbol of the faith.

冒险装束Adventuring Garb:
Adventuring Garb:On the road both priestess and bard dress in practical,sturdy traveling clothes. CopperBloom does not wear armor,relying as do most saurials on the protection of her scales. The Rebel Bard wears leather armor. Priests of Finder do not like to sacrifice their grace and dexterity by wearing anything heavier than chain mail. They may go armed as they choose.

专属祭司Specialty Priests(探寻者Finders
  职业需求REQUIREMENTS:感知[Wisdom] 11,魅力[Charisma] 15
  关键属性PRIME REQ.:感知[Wisdom],魅力[Charisma]
  防具ARMOR:链甲以下所有类型防具、包括链甲;无盾牌[All armor types up to and including chain mail;no shield]
  主修领域MAJOR SPHERES:共通[All],魅惑[charm],预言[divination],元素[elemental],旅者[travelers]
  次要领域MINOR SPHERES:创造[Creation],治疗[healing]
  魔法物品MAGICAL ITEMS:如同牧师和吟游诗人(不包括仅限于法师的物品)[Same as clerics and bards (not including items restricted to wizards only)]
  熟练需求REQ. PROFS:艺术才能(任意)[Artistic ability (any)] 或 演奏乐器(任意)[musical instrument (any)]
  熟练奖励BONUS PROFS:方向感[Direction sense],唱歌[singing],演奏乐器(竖琴)[musical instrument (harp)]

  ·Saurials and halflings can be finders.

  ·Finders can select nonweapon proficiencies from both the priest and rogue groups with no crossover penalty.

  ·在第2级,每日1次,探寻者能够魅惑人类[charm person](如同1级法师法术)。
  ·At 2nd level,finders are able to charm person (as the lst-level wizard spell) once a day.

  ·在第3级,达每日2次,探寻者能够施展幽魂管乐器[ghost pipes]或驱散沉默[disple silence](如同3级祭司法术)。那意味着,他们能运用此能力施展两者之一每日2次,共计2道幽魂管乐器或2道驱散沉默,或两者都1道。
  ·At 3rd level,finders are able to cast either ghost pipes or dispd silence (as the 3rd-level priest spells) up to twice a day. That is,they can invoke this ability twice a day to cast either spell,for a total of two ghost pipes,two dispel silences,or one of both.

  ·在第5级,每日2次,探寻者能够施展延缓腐烂[slow rot](如同3级祭司法术)。
  ·At 5th level,finders are able to cast slow rot (as the 3rd-level priest spell) twice a day.

  ·在第7级,每日1次,探寻者能够施展寻找捷径[find the path](如同6级祭司法术)。
  ·At 7th level,finders are able to cast find the path (as the 6th-Ievel priest spell) once a day.

  ·在第10级,每日1次,探寻者能够施展梅丽珊卓的竖琴[Melisander's Harp](如同5级祭司法术)。

  ·At 10th level,finders are able to cast Melisander's Harp (as the 5th-level priest spell) once a day.

  ·At 13th level,finders are able to cast starharp (as the 6th-level priest spell) once a day.

凡德教派法术Finderite Spells

All of these spells are both wizard and priest spells;they work identically for either class,with the exception of their casting times. The casting times for the wizard versions are noted in parentheses next to the priestly casting time.

3rd Level
解除沉默Dispel Silence
  (祭司Pr 2;法师Wiz 3;防护[Abjuration],转化[Alteration])

  持续时间Duration:1 轮/级[round/level]
  施法时间Casting Time:6(3)
  影响区域Area of Effect:10 英尺/级半径[10-foot/level radius]
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无[None]

  这道法术是《巫师之页Pages from the Mages》中介绍的解除沉默[dispel silence]法术的祭司版本。在法术持续时间内,解除沉默将无效化范围内的魔法沉默效果。在解除沉默施展后,所有施法、谈话和行为能正常进行。
This spell is the priest version of the dispel silence spell presented in Pages from the Mages. This spell negates the effect of magical silence within the area of the dispel silence for the duration of the spell. Following the casting of dispel silence,all spellcasting,speaking,and actions can proceed normally.

For the duration of the spell,the area protected by dispel silence is proof against silence spells;they do not function within the area of the dispel silence. The area of effect is immobile,however,and does not move with the caster.

The material components of this spell are a pinch of powdered diamond worth at least 50 gp that is flung into the air and the holy symbol of the casting priest.

幽魂管乐器Ghost Pipes
  (祭司Pr 3;法师Wiz 3;转化[Alteration],幻术/幻象[illusion/phantasm])

  施法时间Casting Time:1轮(1轮)[1 round (1 round)]
  影响区域Area of Effect:10英尺/级半径[10-foot/level radius]
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无[None]

When this spell is cast,the caster can cause any one nonmagical musical instrument to play itself. The instrument must be whole and in playing condition. It need not be an instrument that the caster can play,but she or he must be able to softly whistle or hum the desired tune. This tune can be no more than one minute long.

  在放开此乐器的时候,它将如被妖火术[faerie fire]勾勒般发光、并漂浮在被放开的水平位置。这件乐器的各个部分(按键、气门、弦,诸如此类)在魔法的控制下运作。到曲终时,乐器会一次又一次的重新演奏这首曲子直到被停止。
Upon releasing the instrument,it glows as if limned with faerie fire and levitates at the level it was released. The various parts of the instrument (keys,valves,strings,etc.) move under the control of the magic. Upon reaching the end of the song,the instrument repeats the tune over and over until stopped.

The ghost pipes stop playing when any living creature touches the instrument. The radiance fades and the instrument slowly settles to the ground.

  这道法术是《巫师之页Pages from the Mages》中幽魂管乐器法术的祭司版本。这道法术最初由苏萨尔[Suzail]城的冯格达哈斯特[Vangerdahast]所创,后者是亚桑四世国王[King Azoun IV]现任王室法师。它通过巫师理事会[the Council of Mages]被获得。宫廷的谣言坚称富有威严与权势的冯格达哈斯特对这段对法术的早期研究尝试深感尴尬,除了将其作为他的陛下[His Majesty]娱乐的新奇玩意外,下令彻底禁绝这道法术。(因为这道法术的使用),王座室时常被一支由浮空的、热情洋溢的乐器组成的管弦乐队所占据。凡德·龙刺[Finder Wyvernspur]在前段时间学会了这道法术,并因其偶尔的用场、以及出于对冯格达哈斯特进行淡淡的嘲讽,而将它教授给了他的吟游诗人追随者。他还将其并行版本赐予他的祭职人员。
This spell is the priest version of the ghost pipes spell presented in Pages from the Mages. This spell was originally created by Vangerdahast of Suzail,currently royal magician to King Azoun IV. It was made available through the Council of Mages. Royal scuttlebutt claims firmly that the august and puissant Vangerdahast is deeply embarrassed by this early attempt at spell research and would have banned it completely except that His Majesty enjoys the spell as a novelty. The throne room is often filled with an orchestra of levitating,glowing instruments. Finder Wyvernspur learned the spell some time ago and taught it to his bardic followers because of its occasional usefulness and to gently needle Vangerdahast. He has granted this parallel version to his priesthood.

5th Level
梅丽珊卓的竖琴Melisander's Harp
  (祭司Pr 5;法师Wiz 5;转化[Alteration])

  距离Range:10 英尺/级[feet/level]
  持续时间Duration:1 轮/级[round/level]
  施法时间Casting Time:8(5)
  影响区域Area of Effect:60 英尺半径[60-foot radius]
  豁免检定Saving Throw:通过即无效Neg.

  这道法术将创造一团幽灵般、朦胧的幻象,那是一具漂浮在半空中、自我弹奏的竖琴。这具竖琴能展现在施法者10英尺/级距离内期望的任何位置。施法者几乎完全控制了竖琴的初始位置、移动以及演奏。竖琴的力量不能穿越魔法障碍(如力墙术[wall of force]),而施法者不能使竖琴在这类壁垒中形成、或是使竖琴穿越这个障碍。
This spell creates the spectral,shadowy illusion floating in midair of a harp that plays by itself. The harp can appear anywhere the caster desires up to 10 feet per level distant. The caster has near total control over the initial position,movement,and playing of the harp. The powers of a harp cannot pass through magical barriers (such as a wall of force) and a spellcaster cannot cause the harp to come into being beyond or to move through such a barrier.

If the caster is within 10 feet per level of the harp,she or he can move it up to 10 feet per round as willed. This movement does not require the caster's constant attention,and the caster may take other actions while the harp plays.

The tune or tunes that the harp plays are the ones the caster listed in mind during the spellcasting,and the harp plays them in order at normal tempo,repeating them from the beginning of the list when it completes all tunes selected,until the spell's duration ends. The harp's playing can be turned on and off instantly and repeatedly by the silent will of the caster,and this does not affect spell duration. While the harp is playing,it has the following effects:

  ·All normal sound is hushed (but not negated) and available light,even magical light,dims.

  ·所有竖琴60英尺内的生物和物品受到一道无豁免的羽落术[feather fall]法术(致使大部分投射物无效)。
  ·All creatures and objects with 60 feet of the harp are affected as if by a feather fall spell with no saving throws (rendering most missiles useless).

  ·All creatures of 4+4 HD or less within 40 feet must make a successful saving throw vs. spell or be affected as if by a sleep spell.

  ·All creatures within 20 feet of the harp except the caster are slowed (no saving throw).

  梅丽珊卓的竖琴不受驱散魔法[dispel magic]沉默术[silence]法术影响,也不能被物理或魔法攻击伤害。有限祈愿术[limited wish]或更强的法术是在它完结到期前解消它所必须的。
Melisander's harp is unaffected by disfjel magic or silence spells,nor can it be damaged by physical or magical attacks. A limited wish or stronger spell is required to dispel it before it expires normally.

  这道法术是《巫师之页Pages from the Mages》中梅丽珊卓的竖琴法术的祭司版本。法术以它的创造者命名,这位精灵巫师和竖琴手英雄以最后的孤独竖琴师[the Last Lonely Harpist]闻名诸国度传奇[Realmslore]。凡德学习它、并将它教给了他的吟游诗人追随者,同样将它赐予他的教会使用。
This spell is the priest version of the Melisander's harp spell presented in Pages from the Mages. The spell is named for its creator,the elf mage and Harper hero known to Realmslore as the Last Lonely Harpist. Finder learned it and teaches it to his bardic followers,as well as granting its use to his church.

The material components of the is spell are a silver harp string and at least three tears from an elf,a maiden who sings,a harpist (or other musician),or the caster. Tears from different individuals can be combined in the casting.

6th Level
  (祭司Pr 6;法师Wiz 6;转化[Alteration],死灵[Necromancy])

  持续时间Duration:1 轮/级[round/level]
  施法时间Casting Time:9(6)
  影响区域Area of Effect:2 英尺/级直径球体[2-foot/level diameter sphere]
  豁免检定Saving Throw:无[None]

Starharp creates a blue-white,glowing image of a harp floating in the air above the casters head. The harp plays by itself,echoing and elaborating on whatever tune the caster sang or hummed during the casting,and emits little stars of twinkling radiance as it does so.

All creatures within a sphere 2 feet in diameter per level of the caster centered on the harp (an area of effect which moves with the caster) are instantly freed from any existing natural or magical pain,nausea,charm spells or effects,hold spells or effects,fear,stunning,and repulsion spell effects. These effects do not return after the starharp fades away. In addition,the caster may concentrate on any one being within a 2-foot-diameter sphere per level of himself or herself during spellcasting. That being is magically cured of 2d4 points of damage as soon as the starharp appears. If no being is chosen,this healing power is lost;it cannot be saved for later.

This spell cannot be disrupted by attacks against the caster or the harp image. Magical darkness of any sort cannot form or persist within the starharp's area of effect.

Once the spell is cast,the creator of a starharp is free to fight,sleep,cast spells,and engage in other activities without affecting the starharp. If the caster is slain,the starharp continues to function but turns blood-red in color,its tune becoming sad.

  这道法术是《至高国王之厅Halls of the High King》中展示的夜星竖琴法术的祭司版本。传统上,只有竖琴手[Harpers]、尤其是他们中旅行的吟游诗人们知晓这道强大的法术,然而它现在也为凡德·龙刺[Finder Wyvernspur]的神职人员所知。
This spell is the priest version of the starharp spell presented in Halls of the High King. This powerful spell has been customarily known only to Harpers,in particular the traveling bards among them,but it is now known also to the clergy of Finder Wyvernspur.

This spell cannot be disrupted by attacks against the caster or the harp image.



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